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Comment by foundZero
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Seems like a one or many equation honored Pastor. We save souls one at a time. Freedom is more of a class-action thing. And no matter how much us men of the cloth (or Wampum or what have you) like to blend them together, souls and freedom will always remain divisible. They are in fact several.

We can loose freedom but keep our souls. We can loose our souls in all manner of freedom. We can have both. And we can loose both. All of the combinations are possible. And this is axiomatic.

What you are here to tell us Pastor is how to have both. But there is one third element sneaking around here.

The disposition of our souls is not in our ultimate control. This is the realm of Al Shaddai. These to us are perhaps postulates and theorems. But it might seem that each of these three form a line from what we can know and prove to what we cannot.

Freedom is material. At least it's materially expressible.

Our souls, somewhat less so because we can demonstrate love and protection, but these are expressions of something else.

The disposition of our souls is very remote to us infsofar as our direct material effect.

This handy chain seems to demonstrate causality or a kind of narritive: beginning, middle, end. But everything that's causal can be terminal. Let's say we start at the beginning and realize there's no guarantee of getting to the end or even the middle. Isn't it better to at least start? Because you could get lucky and make it to the end and there's one sure way not to get there: not to start.

So what's my point? I guess I wouldn't want to look at it as a trade-off between freedom and souls, let's just start with freedom and see how many souls we have to work with. Mindful of the fact that we are not the final arbiters.

So even if we screw up, the people have a final appeal, they get seen with fresh eyes. The Great One loves them all even if we twist them up like little pretzels and dip them in chocolate.

In a moment of lucidity I once asked the Almighty if (and how) He could unscramble eggs.

The answer was "how do you think I did it the first time?"

Comment by foundZero
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And in the name of the Holy One, I die. And with this I say I honour the kind and beloved Pastor Chuck Baldwin but in the same breath I say who the hell  are you, you old man who has not protected my people?

We, who have given freedom to you, who are you to repackage it and sell it back to us?

Hey father, your angle is giving honour back to God? Well the first thing you have even got in your life is "give freedom back to the people".

And I'm gonna tell you another thing. You people have not cared about freedom in the last 100 years.


And I'll tell you another thing, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, you are a PUSSY.


That is spelled P, U, S, S, Y.


Because you know what? You and your people never gave a fuck, and that is spelled F, U. C, K, C, Y before you started   getting persecuted.


Oh and now that you are, you want to call upon God and the scriptures. Get  what? God answers the prayers of the afflicted. MAYBE LIKE 3 GENERATIONS OF YOU YOU FAGGOTS.


Doubt me? Endre 3 generations of pestillence and toads you faggots. And if you can't take that, take blood for your water.


And here is Jet Lacey telling us he is stocking up on toilet paper for when TSHTF. And he is one of your best warriors.

When you get into trouble so far, at least you know where to wipe your tender asses.

Good wipe to you. Let your shit smear lightly upon your assholes.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Wow, Oyate.  That was about the rudest comment I've ever seen.  Plus it made no sense whatsoever.  

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