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Comment by Ned The Head
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No Ed I saw it with my dog. What are you implying? That you are all tight with Gary and you get to watch the Reality Report with him while the rest of us just get to sit at home and watch it with our dogs or uninterested spouses?

And by extension, do you mean to imply that our disinterested spouses are somehow less or less enjoyable than hanging out with you and Gary Franchi? And by any chance does this smack of the fact that many patriots not only cannot afford to attend weekend long meetings in fancy 5-star hotels and glad-hand with the cognoscenti?

And can I ask you, Ed, looking you squarely in the eye, have even you in your nice suit and running yourself ragged in 5-star hotels, have you, my man, yourself, ever taken the time to see the Reality Report with Gary Franchi or did you see it with somebody else?

Be honest man. I will accept nothing but the truth from you my tribal brother.


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