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Tom Rogan , Guardian

Obama claims that the US military's ongoing involvement in Libya does not amount to "hostilities" and, as such, does not require the approval of Congress. In this assertion, the Obama administration is engaging in legal spin of the worst kind.

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Comment by Carl Buschmann
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Tell me what 89 BOMBS in one day exploding in Tripoli is then? If not war then we have a simple case of multiple murders. Since he got away with the natural born citizen thing he thinks he can do anything. Who are his handlers that bought the presidency? He is not a legal president so therefore he is a criminal - pure and simple. 

And he calls anyone that disagrees with him a domestic terrorist.

Wake up sovereign citizens. Your country and your culture is being stolen from you.




Comment by al sovereign
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Congress needs to impeach this fool and get rid of him, then put him on trial.

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