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National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman has called for states to mandate a total ban on cellphone usage while driving.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The DOT has turned into the biggest racketeering operation in existence.

See Right to travel


Comment by David Jackson
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      If there was ever something that the "feds" ought to be doing, this is it!

       It's about time someone did something to keep the mindless fools who can't drive anyway from making a bad situatiopn worse, by trying to think, talk, and drive all at once. It should warrant a murder charge if someone causes a fatal accident while using a cellphone!

       Driving a motor vehicle is the most dangerous activity that any human who is not in combat ever engages in. All of those of us who know how to drive should demand to be protected from the mental midgets who can't find their a-- with one hand, let alone manipulate a 4,0000 lb. vehicle, while trying to get their puny brains and hands to work at the same time. (I hate to see any government intervention in any facet of human endeavor, but this crap has to stop! There are too many people being maimed and killed for no onther reason than some zip with a phone can't pull over or wait a few minutes to talk to someone. Enough is enouigh! In the meantime, they can all KMA!!!!!!!! Better yet, learn to drive!

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