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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Why do we continue to refer this country as a government?

 Cops today wear guns to protect themselves and the corporate structure, not the people.

Comment by Ed Price
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All the terrorist and terrorism talk by Government is propaganda. It is certain of the people in the Government who are the terrorists. Why? Because, if Government really wanted to protect the people against some foreign terrorist, they would arm the people - especially the middle-class Americans - with the best, high-powered, automatic armaments around.

"Oh no! I don't think I could stomach having to learn how to use a gun." Can you stomach a gut full of lead bullets sent by your terrorist Government?

"Oh no! I could never shoot anyone. I just couldn't!" Can you stomach watching Government shoot down your kids and spouse - before they get to you, that is. (This is for the women to consider as well. Women do well with guns.)

Law enforcement and the TSA are people. Many of them live in your own neighborhoods. They are only people. If they can learn how to shoot, so can you. If they are truly doing their job to protect you, you can learn how to protect yourself even better.

But if they are being used to make slaves out of you, and if they are being used by Government to take complete control of your life...

Anyway, you had better get a grip on what is happening right in front of you. And all - 100% - of you had better join with your local law enforcement, so that you can protect yourselves from foreign terrorism, domestic terrorism, and even from gangs of law enforcement who you will hold in check by becoming part with them.

Comment by Ed Price
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If you live in a big city, and you have ever had to call the police for help, how long did it take them to get there? If they weren't right outside your house, or if they weren't right across the street, didn't it take many minutes up to many hours for them to get to you?

So, what makes you think that they will get there any faster if some terrorists attack you?

You are your only real protection against terrorists. Anybody in some formal Government authority who hinders you from protecting yourself from terrorists, had thrown in his lot with the terrorists. He or she has become a terrorist accomplice.

So, now all you need to do to find out who are the terrorists is to look at their anti-gun activity. All those opposed to people having and using weapons for self-protection from terrorists, are either terrorists themselves, or accomplices of terrorists.

Now you can see how it works that we have terrorists in Government, among our legislators and judges. So, is the President a terrorist?

Comment by David Jackson
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      It will never happen! The primary reason for trying to disarm the average citizen is so that "government" will have all the guns - little time is spent explaining that the others who will have guns will be the scum (other than government lackies) who view all the rest of us as prey.

     As for the rank-and-file citizens, don't hold your breath:  The government and the bought-and-paid-for media have done a pretty effective job of brainwashing the mass to believe that there is something unwholesome and "illegal" about owning and using firearms to defend one's life and loved ones. There isn't likely to be much of a push to disarm anyone, beyond the next door neighbor.

     It's a curious and ludicrous reality that for no reasons other than movie fantasies and the blatant lies and manipulative machinations of the so-called "anti-gun" theists, otherwise - one imagines - educated and reasonable human beings have come to "believe" that there is something evil and unsavory about any person who choses to defend human life against the caprices of arbitrary criminal violence. What is truly astounding is that they have been cajoled into believing that the tools - firearms - that are best suited for defense are somehow imbued with equal evil and unsavory characteristics - How in the world does one actually counter such abject stupidity? I suggest that it can't be done; if someone is so mentally defective, is scant likelihood that (s)he will be capable of understanding reality, let alone coming to an intelligent conclusion.

     What is at play, I think, is that even though everyone has the right to defend themselves or not, those who choose not to are primarily cowards: accordingly, if they claim an anti-firearm stance or bias, they have given themselves an excuse to not defend their lives...It's a little like those who whistle as they pass the graveyard.

     Whatever the actual rationale(s), the simplest fact is that there will never again be a nation of idependent, self-reliant, resolute Americans to stand up for what is right, against the entrenched establishment that is hell-bent on subjugating and otherwose enslaving them. By comparison, there are so few citizens who believe in anything that even remotely resembles the core values that we all pretend were (are) the foundations of our democratic republic and our claim to the moral highground as to be just one more election cycle away from a very bad joke!

     We've already lost our future, by having sold-out the last three generations.


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