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Comment by Tom Hosburgh
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My Name Is: Mr. Thomas C Hosburgh, and:


I think enough is enough, our Freedoms, are being Systematically taken away from 250+ million Americans by our so-called Current Administration. We are sitting on our hands, while the current administration engages in all sorts of mischief, designed to Split the bond most Americans have for our freedoms, and change the Constitution, by assaulting the first, second, and the twenty second amendments.

Where did all these nosy people come from? What happened to live, and let Live?

Why is it that we have not started the Articles of Impeachment, for the Lying Cheating Stealing?

Chicago Machine Politics, of Brack Obama? He has stolen the futures of the next 4 generations, of Americans. He is in fact enslaving them in poverty, before they are born. He has shown that he has nothing but contempt for the USA, and blames us for the colonialism around the world. He is now giving top end fight jets to our enemies.

Why don’t we wake up and get ride of this, festering, blister on the backside of our nation. We need to rise up and come together, and say no, do not even think about touching our Constitution. No more stupid, Unnecessary frivolous laws. Keep your hands off our nations ability to create jobs. Stop squandering the Tresures of the United States of America, and the people who provide the Governmant, with their hard-earned TAX, contrbutions.

Despite the abuse of average citizens by thuggish law firms and prosecutors, from this Administration. Obama continues to support draconian measures against citizens of the United States of America. We are being destroyed from within.

He has completely failed, his oath of office, and was AOL, for the 4 Americans who died in Benghazi

President Obama has repeatedly pledged not to provide healthcare to illegal immigrants, but is being done as you read this comment

He has been stealing the Treasures of the USA ever since we gave him the keys to the White House.

Impeachment him now. Tom Hosburgh

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