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IS WAMU and Bank of America Stealing from you


Hi everybody

Just the other day I got my bank activity report from my credit Union. Well it say that bolth WAMU and Bank of America have set up an auto withdraw form my account w/o my permission or knowledge It’s only a few bucks a month but it is stealing. I have contacted my Credit Union and stopped this form happing. I also requested the repayment w/interest of moneys taken.

FYI I did have account w/ B of A & WAMU a few years back that I closed due to bad accounting on there part not prosing checks in a timely manner and over charging me for there mistakes’

So take a good look at your Statements

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Comment by Bob Slaughter
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Thank you all for your comments on this matter.
Glad I did not Quit my day job.
I see you can do better. So you my.
Enjoy your freedom.
I Come from a time that work always came before school. Well Bad comments are just as good..

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Proofreading is a hobby of mine and I would be more than happy to polish any article submitted to me free of charge!

Ernie - if you tell Tyger to set something up that allows submissions to be routed through me when a box is checked and I would take on the responsibility of keeping everything current (I'm on the site enough each day to cover it).


Comment by Ernest Hancock
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For the record: I am far more concerned about substance over style (spelling and grammer) (yeah I know,... grammar :)

KVC is right that some are far more influenced by typos etc. than others. And KVC has been helping me with my 'problems in writing' for 15 years (thanks), but I in no way wish to discourage the accurate relaying of important information for fear of spelling something wrong (which I do alllll of the time).

So,... while I would rather all contributors use a spell checker (Using Firefox with the added spell checker - FREE) is a great way to catch mistakes (did I mention I make a lot of them), I am soooo much more concerned with the willingness to share good information that I am very tolerant of spelling errors.

So while there may be a 'standard' expected from our readers in regards to 'style' (that in the minds of many have a great impact on the substance of what is being communicated) know that I am more concerned about good information not being shared because a spell checker isn't handy.


Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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KVC it looked like an honest mistake but maybe we should call out the firing squad to make sure this never happens again? << sarcasm

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Thunder, I hope in the future you'll run your posts by someone who can spell before submitting them. This is a very valuable site for the freedom movement, and posts that appear to be ignorant (because of horrible spelling and/or grammar) detract from its effectiveness.

I'm not saying that your posts don't have value. The subject matter is quite appropriate for this site. I'm sympathetic to them, so far. Just remember you're addressing some generations who have been more influenced by form than substance -- so your form needs to present the substance in its best light.