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Letters to the Editor • Militia

Extreme Militias and our most Sacred Right

As the progeny of one of the Green Mountain Boys….an American Revolutionary War militia group, I am a libertarian, as I think the majority of the Colonists where at that point. I find myself compelled to state, with all sincerity, that I believe a government paid military is perhaps more dangerous to the welfare of a society, as any foreign enemy.  There are a numerous reasons for this conclusion that most people are actually aware of once they are reminded of the results and facts, and as always I am of course willing to debate anyone who challenges me to the contrary.

There are a number of important reasons not to have a paid military and instead, a voluntary one, a militia made up of unpaid men (preferably not women) of your community, as there is no country in the history of the world that has “””not””” been overthrown, at one point in their history, by their own standing military. Don’t get me wrong, women have always played an important role in the defense of the community, but it is difficult alone trusting the strength and intestinal fortitude of your fellow man much less women on the battlefield.

Inevitably it is the military industrial complex that actually causes the need for the military to take over, as economic chaos occurs from government, military and military contractors colluding to redistribute excessive levels of wealth in the name of national defense. They basically bankrupt the country and the military ends up having to take over the very society they take an Oath to protect, and it is seldom done in a peaceful manner. I believe that President Barack Obama or his  successor will be forced by the military to except a military junta during imposed Marshall Law sometime within the periods of their administrations, unless something is drastically done to correct this and the other ills of our society. 

Except for only the few, being the most powerful military in the world has not worked very well for the majority. Our country and many of its citizens are literally bankrupt and/or insolvent and have actually been for years, because of not believing and following the economic principle of Guns ”or” Butter. Do I really have to make you aware that over 40,000 factories have been closed down since 2000 or we have a very high unemployment rate, yet the military contractors are reaping record high profits during the deepest recession since the first Great Depression? That principle basically states that a society cannot have both guns and butter for prolonged periods of time. You can only have one at a time and unless you promote the establishments of voluntary groups throughout the land that maintains well armed militias to defend the nation, you will have a defense system that bankrupts your society. It happens to every country in the world that chooses a standing army and navy.

For the U.S., a 20 to 30 million man extremely well regulated militia with privateers is what I’m talking about. See if any county in the world wants to screw with those numbers of well armed men with their women in the background that are willing to defend their families, friends and community. Of course, only upon the knowledge of a potential invasion would such a force ever accept deployment and taking up arms and I suggest to you that such an invasion would not, seldom if ever, occur in your lifetime. Each militia unit votes on entering into a armed conflict and to attack such a well arms society would be foolish. It takes a real threat, unlike some of the wars the U.S. has entered into, to go to war. You know what standing armies have gotten us. Perpetual war for perpetual peace.

When our Constitution notes, “a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state”, it must be noted that our founding fathers were very aware of the collusion between government, the military and the military contractors within the various monarchs of the world that profited from the maintaining and supplying of the war machines. The “Security of a Free State” is an integral part of liberty that a military industrial complex violates and the taking of property/money via taxation is a violation of our most important right; the right to property. Not just the right to have it but the right to keep it without the threat of it being taken by the tax man. A well regulated militia of course creates the free market methods of sustaining a quality military defense while protecting our most sacred Right. It allows for the drastic reduction in government spending and minimal taxation that standing armies inadvertently require out of greed, corruption, mismanagement and misallocation of resources. It promotes those would own the greatest amount of land and commercial interests to put force the greatest amount of money to protect their ownership and property. 

Militia groups also decentralize the controls that federalist policies promote and that have plagued our world since the time of the Roman Empire. An empire, that of course crash and burned, like so many in history have done. What is interesting about militia groups is that they are organized by the democratic process of electing the most qualified of the men to be in charge with each rank electing their commanding officers instead of the other way around, of the high ranking officers being appointed by politicians and those officers appointing the lower ranking officers under their command.  If you are to follow the orders of an officer, would you not like to have a say in, who that officer might be, and know that the individual your unit chooses will be determining his commander.  You will get both more qualified and more respected leadership within the various militia units by utilizing the democratic method of choosing the militia leadership rather than through political cronyism.


In conclusion a standing Army and Navy:

1.       Will cause the over-throw by the military, of the government, they are protecting.

2.       Will Bankrupt the society in which they are protecting.

3.       Will cause a misallocation of resources. The Guns or Butter principle.

4.       Will create Leadership that is politically determined versus democratically determined by the individuals and units themselves, creating a less overall quality of leadership and political cronyism.

5.       Will create perpetual wars for perpetual peace.

6.       Will create a collusion and corruption between the military, the government and the military industrial complex.

7.       Although the Navy is Constitution on its foundation, a constant standing Army is not. I believe that the shipping industries, that have FYI created some of the wealthiest individuals in the world, should pay for their own security of the ships and freighters.

Will a militia provide an adequate defense? Not only has militias historically done so they have been used, as it was during the American Revolutionary War, as a means to overthrow the existing government, the British, who had begun to usurp the individual rights of the American Colonists. So a militia is also able to provide protections of individual rights against the tyranny of any government, even your own. A standing Army and Navy, being more beholden to the government through the politicians and military industrial complex, as our recent history has shown, ignores the various usurpations, as they are benefactors, especially the Officers, to the various redistribution of wealth scheme that occur when a standing Army and Navy exist. In a militia, the Officers and enlisted all make the same amount of money, nothing.  They participate in the militia as a responsibility to their family, friends and community, which in my opinion, is the definition of true patriotism.  If the Green Mountain Boys did it why would not the good men of any community do the same thing and there are ways to ostracize the lazy, greedy and other bad guys in the community. There are, right now, militia groups and units in just about every state in the country and they are doing it voluntarily.  They are not wackos, as the mass media tries to demonize them. They are concerned Citizens who have seen what the Standing Army and Navies, the Military Industrial Contractors and the politicians and their bureaucrats have done to our nation.  They have bankrupted our government, they have de-industrialized our nation and made us the largest producer of arms in the world, for huge profits.  They have usurped the majority of our rights and bankrupted a large portion of the Citizens of our greater nation, exactly what a standing army and navy always does.

Even though our Constitution, in the 2nd Amendment, calls for a well regulated militia, the very people that are the monetary benefactors of the Standing Army and Navy cabal, historically have made constant attempts to curtail the creation and/or existence of militia groups, with constant legal harassment by the FBI, the Military, the Justice Department and now Homeland Security usually via the other Constitutional right, the right to bare arms. They want to have the weapons but they do not want the Citizens of our country to have those very same weapons and have continuous made physical and legal assaults on those that attempt to organize and maintain militias.  What does our Constitution say; “A well Regulated Militia being necessary for the security of a free State.” 

The last argument of any legitimacy that the politicians, the bureaucracy, the military and the military industrial complex, will make is that a well regulated militia will not create the level of quality of weapons that are necessary for an adequate defense of a nation. What they are referring to is items like ships, planes, bombs and tanks.  What the real question is will organized individual without being forced to do so spend the necessary money to protect their family, friends property and community.  What we do know is that the dashing quartet noted above will spend every dime they can get plus some to experiment, produce, buy and destroy every potential weapon known to man and as soon as those weapons are deemed obsolete, they will do the same thing to a point when there is no real country, al least economically to defend. The most notable country to fall under this scenario is the Soviet Union, who then broke up as the central power failed; my prognostication, by the way, for the U.S.

Here is the best way to look at it. Guys like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the other wealthy have vast holding of property, businesses and their own lives and families to protect. Thinking that guys that have this much at stack, your neighbor, your father, your brother and your friends would not make sure that they have adequate military hardware and personnel, to protect their families and interest is absurd. What will be fun for the guys, and not so much for the girls, is determining what to build and how inexpensive we can build it. The various militia groups will have fierce and valuably debates on the potential defense weapons and all the necessary support equipment. Companies will be donating and/or selling things at cost to support the efforts and true patriotism will again be not just a selling point to get us into another unjust war. That is what we should be debating in the newspapers and on the internet instead of having to debate issues like this. If there is anyone who still doesn’t believe that a well regulated militia isn’t better than a standing army and navy, needs to go back and read their constitution and the history and debates that led them to their conclusions.  I’m very proud of my family as part of the Green Mountain Boys and the victory at the Battle of Bennington. I hope that we can someday have the opportunity to once again invoke true patriotism with 1000s of militias all over the country and the restoration of the American Dream.

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