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Drug War
Edited by Ernest Hancock

Pages and Listings are in reverse chronological order:
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Medical Marijuana Patients Present Gov. Hassan with List of Grievances
07-24-2014    Shire Liberty News 
CONCORD, NH Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the signing of HB573, New Hampshire's Medical Marijuana law. However, the final version of the bill was disappointing. It excludes PTSD as a valid medical condition for which medical mariju 
Sandy Pierre
NYC doctor convicted of manslaughter for illegal prescriptions
07-20-2014    Reuters 
A New York City pain management doctor was convicted of manslaughter and other charges for selling narcotics prescriptions to 20 patients, including 2 who fatally overdosed. A jury in Manhattan Supreme Court found Stan Li, 60, guilty on nearly 200 cr 
Powell Gammill
Reference Link
   Do you think you understand the war on drugs & the illegal immigration crisis? You will change everything you believe when you read this DEA Insider's account of what is really going on and this Congressman knows all about it.
Entered by: Dave Hodges
How the Drug War Impacts the Criminal Justice System Info Graphic
07-19-2014  A lot of data in this info graphic. It really does not take a lot of data to see through the folly of our war on drugs. It failed in the Twenties as prohibition and inspired organized crime. This horrible enterprise has continuously prospered and 
Robert Klein
FedEx charged with assisting illegal pharmacies
07-17-2014    Associated Press 
Federal authorities on Thursday charged FedEx with assisting illegal pharmacies by knowingly delivering painkillers and dangerous drugs to customers without prescriptions. 
Powell Gammill
Undercover Cop Befriends Bipolar Autistic Teen, Convinces Him To Buy Pot, Arrests Him
07-17-2014    Jonathan Turley 
The video below has been released in a lawsuit over a highly disturbing case where a Riverside undercover officer befriended a 17-year-old boy with autism and convinced him to buy pot for him. They then arrested him. 
Powell Gammill
California City Attorney Tries to Shut Down First Ever Cannabis Market
07-17-2014    http://thelibertybeat.com, by Julie Wilson 
Over the Fourth of July weekend, the small California suburb Boyle Heights, held the first ever cannabis-centric farmer's market, as reported by LA Times. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Radio/TV Show    Drug War
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
07-17-14 -- Keith Cyrnek - Dr. Phranq Tamburri - Sarara Corva (Video & MP3 LOADED+BONUS)
Program Date:  2014-07-17
   Keith Cyrnek (local activist) on border patrol checkpoints - Dr. Phranq Tamburri (Longevity Medical Center) updates us on healthcare and medical marijuana - Sarara Corva (Medical Marijuana Education Expert) on medicinal uses of Cannabis
Roberto Escobar on Colombia's Cocaine History...
07-16-2014    http://www.thedailybell.com, Anthony Wile 
Roberto Escobar on Colombia's Cocaine History, Pablo Escobar and the Failed War on Drugs. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
L.A. city attorney seeks court order to halt cannabis farmers market
07-16-2014    Los Angeles Times 
The Los Angeles city attorney is seeking an injunction to stop what's being dubbed as the city's first-ever cannabis-centric farmers market, which opened for business over the Fourth of July weekend. 
Powell Gammill
Colorado's Governor Sees the Light on Marijuana Legalization
07-15-2014    Reason.Com 
Hickenlooper sounds cautiously optimistic, and there are good reasons for that. Possession and consumption of cannabis have been legal in Colorado and Washington since the end of 2012. In Colorado, so has home cultivation of up to six plants and nonc 
Donna Hancock
Gerald Celente on Marijuana Legalization...
07-12-2014    http://www.thedailybell.com, With Anthony Wile 
Gerald Celente on Marijuana Legalization, OccupyPeace and the Solution to Government Gangsterism 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Accountant admits cigarette tax conspiracy
A Pawtucket accountant has pleaded guilty of conspiring to bring $1.2 million worth of contraband cigarettes to Rhode Island from Virginia, where the cigarette tax is low. 
Powell Gammill
It Takes A Narco-Saint Expert
07-10-2014    Simple Justice 
The defendant had $324 in cash in his pocket? Proof he's a drug dealer, because drug dealers transact business in cash. If he has no cash in his pocket, it's proof he's a major drug dealer, because major drug dealers have people who do the dirty tr 
Powell Gammill
Suffering in the Service of Official Lies: The Agony of Alexis Carey
07-10-2014    by William N. Grigg (Pro Liberate) 
If the Careys lived in Utah, Alexis would have access to cannabidiol, an orally administered oil (sometimes called "Charlotte's Web") that has been very effective in treating Dravet's Syndrome and a number of other illnesses, including cancer. 
Powell Gammill
Washington Pot Stores Open, But Some Activists Aren't Celebrating
07-09-2014    US News & World Report 
"There's no way they are going to eliminate the black market with something that's totally unresponsive to a market at all," Hiatt says. "You're going to see very quickly the problems when you try to do things Soviet style. When you're 
Powell Gammill
Washington State Readies for Legal Marijuana
07-08-2014    Next News Network 
Washington state is getting ready for legal marijuana, becoming the second U.S. to legalize the substance for adults. Sales of cannabis started in 24 locations around the state yesterday. Colorado legalized marijuana on January 1st. Sales there w 
Uncle Freedom
07-08-2014    Jonathan Turley 
The Obama Administration's decision to cut off water to legal marijuana growers. This move by the Bureau of Reclamation is a prime example of such intervention into political disputes and a troubling precedent for the future. 
Powell Gammill
Cop Rats Daughter-in-Law After Helping Her Grow Pot For Cancer-Stricken Granddaughter
07-08-2014    Reason Magazine 
After her 7-year-old daughter, Liza, was diagnosed with an aggressive and generally fatal kind of brain tumor in 2011, Jennifer Scherr decided to treat the cancer with cannabis oil. At the time marijuana was not legal for medical use in Illinois, 
Powell Gammill
The Dogma of Drug Prohibition: Neither Your Life Nor Your Death Belongs to You
07-08-2014    Lew Rockwell blog 
Benton Mackenzie is suffering from terminal angiosarcoma, an aggressive variety of cancer that has left his body mottled with grotesque lesions. In the hope of enjoying what remains of his life, he grew marijuana in order 
Powell Gammill
Imprisoning Women for Addiction
07-07-2014    ACLU 
The lawsuit is brought on behalf of women who are imprisoned at MCI-Framingham solely because they are civilly committed under a law known as "Section 35." Under Section 35, an alcoholic or substance abuser can be civilly committed 
Powell Gammill
Feds Hand Out Border Pass To Mexican Snitch
07-04-2014    The Smoking Gun 
A Mexican informant who provided "credible information" to US law enforcement agencies about narcotics trafficking was compensated "with the ability to cross the border legally into the United States for at least one year." 
Powell Gammill
How Magic Mushrooms Really 'Expand the Mind'
07-04-2014    Live Science 
Your brain on psychedelic drugs looks similar to your brain when you're dreaming, suggests a new study that may also explain why people on psychedelics feel they are expanding their mind. 
Powell Gammill
Idaho Court Criminalizes Sleeping It Off
07-03-2014    The Newspaper 
The court cited the 2008 Appeals Court decision Idaho v. Buell which held that an individual accused of driving drunk has no right to refuse to perform field sobriety tests. 
Powell Gammill
California Cops Forcing the Homeless to Participate in Drug Training Exercises
07-03-2014    http://thefreethoughtproject.com, Cassandra Rules 
CA Cops to Homeless: Be our guinea pigs or be arrested  
Robert Lee
Heartwarming End to a Horrible Drug War Tragedy: Baby Bou Has Recovered!
07-03-2014    http://thefreethoughtproject.com,  
The toddler who was severely injured when police, looking for, $50 worth of drugs, threw a flashbang grenade into his crib, has walked out of the hospital this week!  
Robert Lee
Afghans battle for strategic Helmand after U.S. troops pull out
06-30-2014    Reuters  
Afghan forces battled the Taliban in southern Helmand province on Monday for a second week, officials and residents said on Monday, seeking to reassert control over a strategic district just weeks after the departure of U.S. troops. 
Robert Lee
We'll Never Know What's Behind The Curtain
06-29-2014    Simple Justice 
When the Breathalyzer 5000 was accepted as proof of drunk driving, it became a fixture of the law. There aren't many bank robbers, but there are a ton of drunk drivers. We know because the box says so. 
Powell Gammill
All Hail the Heroic Bootlegger Exemplar of the American Spirit
06-29-2014    by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog) 
The prohibitionist is an instinctive authoritarian and self-enraptured bully determined to cleanse the world of conduct he considers offensive, no matter the cost. The bootlegger is an entrepreneur who takes risks in order to provide goods 
Powell Gammill
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