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Bush, God, Iraq, and Gog

• Clive Hamilton
In 2003 Bush spoke to France’s President Jacques Chirac. Bush wove a story about how the Biblical creatures Gog and Magog were at work in the Middle East and how they must be defeated.

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Comment by Brock
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Clive Hamilton (the author) explained on anti-war radio that the Skull and Bones part was just thrown in as an interesting coincidence. "Magog" is the nickname given to the most sexually promiscuous junior invited to join. "Gog" is the nick given to the junior with the least sexual experience.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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We essentially already knew this,...but what makes me say "wow" is that this is written by a Professor at Yale, some weight to his revelations about Bush, the Bonesmen and such. For instance, while I have known about the Bush clan and their Yale and Bonesmen connection since 1990, I only now learn via this article that Bush Sr.'s nickname within the Bonesmen was Magog!


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