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Obama Creates White House Military Office

• New York Times
Under the revamped structure, the White House Military Office, which reports to the office of the White House chief of staff, has assumed a more central role in setting up a temporary “shadow government” in a crisis.  

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Comment by PureTrust
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Conversion of sections of the Secret Servise to something like Hitler's SS. 


Comment by rewrite
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Barak Insane Chavez Obama.  Does he really think he can get away with his Shadow Government ???

This Insane NUT Is getting More Dangerous every day.

He already has about 150 Presentments against him for Fraud and Treason. More Coming.  Congress and the FBI have already been served. The Secret Service Signed and Received the Presentments and wanted to know if the Servers were "KOOKS" .  Does that set well with You, You Great Dumb Americans Votede that Trash into OUR Whitehouse, When are you going to  do something about it ???