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Top-selling Bible in North America to be revised

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The New International Version, the Bible of choice for conservative evangelicals, will be revised to reflect changes in English usage and advances in Biblical scholarship. The revision is scheduled to be completed late next year and published in 2011. 

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Comment by foundZero
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Conservative evangelicals like NIV? Huh. I too thought the KJV was their book. Aho, this is why I have two bibles: a concordance and my favorite, the horribly named "New World Translation" which is the bible of the Jehova's Whitnesses. What I like about it is they went back to the earliest texts they could find and where they are unsure of a word they just say so. They put it in backets like "And Lo, the Lord said [we have no idea what he said]".

To me this is a scriptural lesson in itself. We all experience doubt where God's way isn't clear to us and when this happens the best thing to do is just be honest. I suspect that even my favorite prophet Ruth stayed home some days and got stoned and just listened to Perl Jam.

Comment by Charles Hallam
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Better stock up on The King James Version. You can almost guarentee that the KJV will be OUTLAWED when this "new translation" comes out.  The blasphemous "translators" will  basically just write  a "new and improved" BOOK.  All the latest "translations" have already removed "the Trinity" and "subservience" and made the Word of God "politically correct"  The article says that the "new International Version" is the translation of choice by most "evangelical conservatives". Why is it that only REAL evgangelical conservative Christians that preach from the KJV (& the KJV ONLY)  are the ones getting bashed? Because it is the true Word of God.  The Bible says that His Word shall not be added to or taken away from. Pretty sure Romans 13 will be re-written to say that "it better to obey your handlers, than to obey God."

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Great.  They'll take more verses out that they feel just don't belong.  I wonder if this version will contain some slang?

What they really need to do is take the original old testament hebrew texts, the septuagint, and the original greek new testament texts and retranslate from there.  But how will we trust those translators?