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Factory orders rise unexpectedly in October

• AP
Orders to U.S. factories unexpectedly rose in October, the sixth gain in the past seven months. It was further evidence that the manufacturing sector is beginning to recover, which will help support the overall economy.

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Comment by McElchap
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 Well, I have to wonder how much of this increase in factory orders is due to the federal empire's military quests for global control.  Just I might question those reports of "green shoots" and an "uptick in the economy" cited by politicians and pundits speaking from Wall Street and the stock markets. I recall how the "major players", the big corporates and government investments, simply shift funds from one account to another to create the illusion of trading activity signaling an "end to the recession"...only to sucker little guys into being fleeced again.

 Socialism is being employed to privatize profit and privilege for the powerful, and distribute liability and losses among the "little people" Leona Helmsley was famous for identifying as taxpayers. Billionaires are the true welfare recipients.

 Rancher Uncle Sam sees many of us "sheeple" as useless eaters, and plans to cull the herd. After all, dead people don't collect Medicare or Social Security or unemployment benefits that have been stolen after we have been forced to pay for those programs many years. And, of course, because those programs are bankrupt (due to congressional theft), we are told we must pay for new programs proposed by the thieves!

 The fascist cabal in the district of criminals can always finance wars of conquest and looting in their "nation building", build more prisons to fill with a police state mentality enhanced with electronic surveillance and militarized law enforcement designed to make felons of us all. They go so far as to identify supporters of the Constitution as "extremists"!!! Slave labor and isolated communities of ignorant, disarmed, and impoverished "wardsof the state" is the goal of socialist tyranny. It is merely a phase in the elimination, THE END, of us!

  So, I don't look for an end to the recession. I see the beginning of the end! As the beastmaster Rahm Emanuel says, "never let a good crisis go to waste!" Keep your antennae up! And KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!

  David McElroy   


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