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Iranian Spy for CIA: "The only way to prevent a possible nuclear war with Iran is to attack the

The American-led "engagement” policies towards Iran is going to result in the very war it wants to prevent, according to an Iranian CIA spy. He says the only way to prevent a possible nuclear war with Iran is to attack the country now. In the meantime, Iran announced Sunday it has started mass-producing a new medium-range anti-aircraft missile that "can destroy modern planes in low and medium altitudes.” Writing under the pseudonym Raza Kahlil, his book “A Time to Betray” reveals that he began to spy on Iran for the CIA after he was disillusioned by the 1979 revolution and fled the Islamic Republic. Interviewed by Reza Aslan of the Daily Beast web site, “Kahlil” predicted that if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, which it apparently will do, “The Iranian people are going to pay a very, very heavy price. And you could see major destruction in Iran." He reasoned that the West is "dragging out” its attempts to place harsher sanctions on Iran and “is not dealing with it the way th

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Iran President Ahmadinejad repeatedly has stated he wants to wipe Israel off the map and threatened the U.S. Life for Americans will deteriorate once Iran is able to empower terrorists with small nukes to threaten and blackmail the U.S. Is there one reason to believe Iran won’t do that? Iran will soon be in a position to threaten Governments and their Citizens with the indefinite prospect of or more small-nuke attacks, while denying accountability. Terrorists using “small nuke could easily destroy a country’s economy while causing devastating unemployment. Until now, Americans have never been faced with both the prospect of foreign and domestic terrorist attacks in their homeland, while having to rely on a weak U.S. President. Terrorist Iran like cancer; if not stopped now, could spread nuclear death to any nation it does not favor.