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State Department in Panic Over Massive Document Leak

The State Department's Worst Nightmare by Philip Shenon June 8, 2010 An Army intel analyst charged with leaking classified materials also downloaded sensitive diplomatic cables. Are America’s foreign policy secrets about to go online? Philip Shenon reports. The State Department and American embassies around the world are bracing for what officials fear could be the massive, unauthorized release of secret diplomatic cables in which U.S. diplomats harshly evaluate foreign leaders and reveal the inner-workings of American foreign policy. Diplomatic and law-enforcement officials tell The Daily Beast their alarm stems from the arrest of a 22-year-old Army intelligence analyst based in Iraq who has reportedly admitted that he downloaded 260,000 diplomatic cables from government computer networks and was prepared to make them public. “If he really had access to these cables, we've got a terrible situation on our hands," said an American diplomat. Specialist Bradley Manning

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Comment by PureTrust
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Are you a State Citizen or a citizen of the United States? 

Realize that if you are a State Citizen rather than a citizen of the United States, that much of what the US Government does cannot affect you directly, legally... if you stand up for your rights. 

Who are your leaders? If you say they are your leaders, then they are by your own admittance. If they say they are your leaders, and you say they aren't, they better be following the Constitutions, every dotted "i" and crossed "t," or worse things will fall on them than what they had planned for you. 


Comment by Nick Saorsa
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I'm torn. I hope Spc Manning got the cables and released them to wiki leaks. I also hope he didn't, for his sake. Before this whole Collateral Murder fiasco, wiki leaks NEVER sat on any info... it was online PRONTO. I doubt they have more data... I just hope they do. They will surely crucify him either way. Finally, a soldier I can be proud of.