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On your marks, get set . . . SPACE RACE !

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Solar panels right around the lunar equator? Space hotels? Well, I was a little sceptical about these dreamy futuristic plans when I read about them on a hooey pseudoscience site. So I went to the source, Shimizu Corporation of Japan. I was even more sceptical when I noticed that the company’s March 2010 balance sheets were only showing assets in the few millions.

Then I noticed they were using units of MILLIONS OF YEN. Add to that the fact that they appear to have built large numbers of cutting-edge mega-projects all over the world, including some gorgeous record-breaking bridges in Asia, for example.

So, are we going up? Dang it, did I get born 50 years too early? I mean, it was really cool to usher in the computer age and all, but I want to go up!

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Japan you say?

I saw something just like this almost exactly like this in an anime once SPOILER ALERT The moon blows up making life on Earth almost impossible because of the chunks of moon falling from the sky and we move to Mars and planets that don't exist and then Spike dies.

Comment by Found Zero
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I know an orbital weapon platform when I see one. We might as well start  designing X-Wing Fighters now.