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MERCURY in RETROGRADE documents the journey of a small, relentless group of underdogs called ‘The M Team’ as they crusade to expose the truth about one of the biggest cover-ups in history, one that is bigger than the tobacco industry and more toxic than lead… Mercury.

It is a documentary dealing with the political and socio-economic war raging between the fields of science, medicine and dentistry – a war many of us didn’t even know existed, a war about a technology that is over 150 years old.  It’s the amalgam “silver” filling war.  If you have ever had a cavity, you are likely collateral damage.

The Filmmaker - Kelly Gallagher

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Mercury metal is not toxic!!!  It passes harmlessly through the body.  It is really sort of an inert substance.  I have had many fillings in my mouth  since infancy, and still have an IQ of 140.  I do have mild autism and aspergers, but so did my father, and so does my son (140 IQ and no autism)  As I got older and my fillings were removed and replaced with gold, nothing changed.  

Now I am sure that some people are highly sensitive to mercury and may have problems.  Those are much more likely to be caused by the high levels of atmospheric mercury from coal fired power plants.  

There are exactly zero peer reviewed double blind studies that support the theory that mercury fillings are toxic.  Putting this another way, the believers in this have been inoculated to facts.  They can not or will not learn.   Which is just a long way of saying that they are stupid.

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