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Food Stamp Participation And Energy Prices Soaring In California

In September the state of California hit a new high in food stamp benefits, crossing the 6 billion dollar mark on an annualized basis. Over the past year in California alone the total number recipients of the federal SNAP program (supplemental nutritional assistance program) rose by 16.3%. In many of the big counties of California however, food stamp usage rose even faster. As previous readers of this blog understand, it’s useful to look at the car dependent regions of southern California as they are emblematic of the state’s post peak-oil, economic breakdown. After all the food stamp program is really a food and energy program, which frees up household cash for gasoline. In San Bernardino County, for example, with its population of two million the number of SNAP recipients has now crossed the 300,000 level. Yes, a full 15% of that county is now on food stamps. But the growth rate in usage is even faster now at 22.7% since last year and has showed no sign of slowing down. | see: San Bernardino County SNAP Users vs the Price of Oil 2004-2010.

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Comment by Ned The Head
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Watch that rise. This great guest article on Zerhohedge indicates how staggering this situation is.

It's amazing how well this jibes with previous data I've seen. Basically the ranks of the "screwed" look to be climbing into 80%! That pretty much implies all suffering of human contrivance in large quantity or degree.

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