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Lead 100 Ounce Silver Bars

In Late September, 2010 we received our first of several reports of some suspicious Engelhard 100oz silver bars. They were underweight, and it at first appeared that they were real Engelhard bars that were shaved (where someone would cut off a small amount from the sides of the bar). However, upon receiving a sample, it turned out not to be made of silver, and is most likely lead.

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" most likely lead"? 

When you go to the site, what jumps out at you is that (and I hate to do name calling here, but it seems appropriate) that scammers were targeting retards. Did the purchasers get the product at a mail order discount place? Maybe in nigeria? And how obvious does a fake have to be for these people to see that it is a fake? Hey, how about simple chemical tests for lead and silver. And can someone send me addresses of these people. I have some extra bridges that I need to get rid of fast. Oh... and my father died and left me a gazillin dollars that I want to hide, and I need someone honest to help. Sheesh....