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Diabetic Preparedness - Storing Insulin in a Grid Down World

 I have spent time and money on food and water preparation, on preparing my family plan for emergency situations that might last an extended period of time. I have purchased and prepared medical and hygiene supplies, trying to cover as many areas as I could. Even with this much preparation, there was still one other important issue I needed to address.

In a true TEOTWAWKI situation, a major concern for me and my family is electrical power. This concern isn’t centered on the ability to watch television, listen to music, or even cook food. Those are what I would consider the “perks” of having electricity in such a situation. No…our need is centered on another main fact of our lives…the need for medicinal storage. You see, my wife is type 1 diabetic and requires insulin in order to remain active, healthy, and…well…alive. Insulin is temperature sensitive medication and being unable to store it in ideal conditions puts my wife at a tremendous health risk…one I am not willing to take. We needed a refrigerator and a means to power it…period.

Why is this so important? Here are some facts around insulin storage. It is important to note that these findings are based on my own research and any conclusions you reach should be based on research you have done yourself. Never take someone else’s word for it. Learn the essentials for yourself.

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Is she type 2?  If so why not CURE her with diet?

Comment by tittiger
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Do your homework! 6 feet down in your back yard are stable temperatures. Insulin is a lot more stable than the drug pushers will let you know.  Why make things more complicated than they have to be?