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NATO Chief Rasmussen to Discuss Expanding Libya War at Bilderberg Summit


NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is at the 2011 Bilderberg summit in St. Moritz Switzerland to discuss expanding the war on Libya and turning the conflict into a “bloody” affair despite the fact that the United States’ involvement in the bombardment has already cost nearly a billion dollars.

Even as President Obama commits US forces to a 4th front in Yemen, the bombardment of Libya is costing American taxpayers $2 million dollars a day. According to a leaked Department of Defense memo, “The cost of the U.S. campaign in Libya is set to exceed the $750 million Pentagon estimate set out in March,” reports the Daily Mail.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show live from near the location of the elitist summit, veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker said that the Bilderberg elite were “determined” to expand the war in Libya, and wanted to turn it into a “bloody” conflict which would involve every major world power aside from Israel.