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Who Is Gary Johnson?

Someone was missing from last week's Republican presidential debate, and that's too bad. He's an announced candidate who was a two-term governor of New Mexico, and he makes a case for strongly limited government.

Who is he? Gary Johnson. He was left off the platform because the sponsors say he didn't meet their criteria: an average 2 percent showing in at least three opinion polls.

But I grilled him because I think people might want to hear from him.

When he was governor, he vetoed 750 bills and shed a thousand state jobs. That made Republican and Democratic politicians mad, but in a state with a two-to-one Democratic advantage, this Republican was re-elected.

"I got re-elected ... by saying no to the government," he told me. "I was a penny- pincher."


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Comment by Powell Gammill
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"and he makes a case for strongly limited government."

Hence the reason he wasn't there.  ;-)  Dr.Paul wasn't welcomed by the GOP leadership much in 2008. He actually lived up to stated Republican principles, which makes the rest look like the hypocrites they are and what fools their flocks be.  Dr. Paul isn't welcomed much now either, but it doesn't pay to cross Dr. Paul courtesy of the activists who extract a price and have fun presenting the bill.