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Obama Administration Fires ATF Whistleblower

• FOX News

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is being accused of retaliating against an agent who helped publicize the agency’s role in allowing thousands of guns to cross the U.S. border and fall into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.

The agent, Vince Cefalu, who has spoken out about the ATF's so-called "Project Gunrunner" scandal, says he was served with termination papers just last week, and he calls the move politically motivated.


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Comment by Hawkeye
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Big Deal!! if you think an American will help the man...thing again.Americans are greedy,Ignorant,Self Serving COWARDS   PERIOD!! But their HERO`S KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN EVERY DAY...HERO`S...AMERICAN HERO`S..JUST LIKE THEIR LOW LIFE PARENTS.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The Obama Administration would never do that.  They support open, honest government, right?