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Deep Sixing Global Warming

• arclein
It amounts to a reluctant admission that global temperatures have indeed stalled. This fact has so far either been denied, ignored or buried beneath the claim that the past decade was still the hottest in the past 100 years (even if not by much).

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Comment by TL Winslow
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It's sad to see the one-world-govt. types continue to try to co-opt so-called global warming to steal trillions, when ironically what the world needs precisely what they claim to fear, namely, more CO2 and water vapor pumped into the atmosphere globally in order to green the deserts and feed the teeming billions.  My best idea is to reactivate undersea volcanoes in Antarctica, and so far there has been zero funding for research, although a project to have giant balloons release water vapor a la a volcano is making headway.

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