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Recognizing the Right of Self-Determination

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With the representatives of the Palestinian territory pressuring the United Nations for full recognition, questions have been raised about the future of Israel. Some argue that U.N. recognition of a Palestinian State will cause the demise of Israel. However, 127 U.N. members already recognize the State of Palestine as an independent nation. Few people are even asking, or answering, why a nation must be represented at the U.N. Switzerland, best known for its neutrality, was not a full member of the U.N. until September 10, 2002. I seriously doubt anyone questioned the independence of Switzerland before the nation became full member of the U.N. In 1998, Christian Hillgruber, of the European Journal of International Law, wrote, “Recognition of a new state is an act that confers a status; as a result of recognition, the recognized entity acquires the legal status of a state under International law. In this sense, a (new) state is not born, but chosen as a subject of international law

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Sorry, but there has long been a state of Palestine, and it's called JORDAN.  The original British Mandate awarded the Jews a homeland that included Jordan and ran all the way to Iraq. Too bad, Churchill reneged and created the fake Arab state of Jordan, then after Israel proclaimed itself on May 14, 1948, the entire Arab world attacked it and tried to exterminate it, with Britain playing both sides against  the middle, only to get defeated. Too bad again, the Arabs who fled or were expelled were not allowed to become citizens of any Arab state, but forced into permanent refugee camps that the U.N. has to support to this day.

If they had absorbed the Arabs and just left poor outnumbered surrounded Israel alone, there would be peace now. Instead, after losing war after war, the Arabs are now clamoring to create a 2nd fake state of Palestine that flanks Israel, not in order to have permanent peace, but in the hope of using it as the staging ground for the final extermination. Terrorist attacks on Israel happen almost daily, to the point that they're not even considered news. If they get official U.N. member status, the Muslims will just use the position to drag Israel into the World Court as part of their jihad.

So the U.N. is irrelevant in this horrid situation. Instead, the U.S. should back Israel all the way in expelling all Muslims from the sea to the river, and creating a wide DMZ. Until then, crap talk of "the right of self-determination" is b.s. What Arab state has given its citizens any rights to self-determination? Because of ISLAM they all have formal or informal theocracies, with clerics dictating the laws after thumping their Qurans. Thanks to Saudi oil money, the agitprop has been relentless to delegitimize Israel, but smart people will never fall for it.  In the Internet Age, the real facts are at your fingertips, does somebody have to pay you to read them?

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