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Public 'servants' living the high life

• Jack Abramoff, WorldNetDaily
In  addition to the tab of the taxpayers, our long-suffering public servants also get to enjoy the loopholes of the so-called congressional gift ban. Enjoying a lavish meal with a lobbyist friend is no-no, according to congressional rules, but declaring the repast a fundraiser opens the cornucopia floodgates. A lobbyist risks breaking the law when he orders a $500 bottle to go along with that kobe beef steak, but once a fundraiser has been declared, corks can pop open, along with the envelopes bearing thousands of dollars in contributions. For every rule, there is a fitting loophole.

With the finest health-care options, lucrative pensions, a lifestyle of privilege and comfort, and enough staff to attend to their every whim, our national legislators are doing just great. When you add in not having to worry about those pesky insider-trading rules and other statutes from which they are exempted, Congress should be the destination of every ambitious young go-getter. Why toil in the business world when you can have a life of champagne wishes and caviar dreams on the Potomac? Does this mean that every congressman lives like Louis XIV, or abuses his office? Of course not. But even one is too many, and the count hasn't been at one since before Daniel Webster graced the Senate.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      Again, why is this, just now, news? Being a lying, manipulative, second-rate, traitor has always been the most coveted job in so-called "public service"! Why does anyone even begin to believe that so many worthless, mindless, otherwise perfidious pretenders would so covet government employment if they actully had to be capable or in some manner competent. (Karl Marx was a bit of a deluded ignoramous but, as a sociologist, he wasn't wrong about the most common of men and women seeking to make a living without having to "make a living", simply by taking payment from the labor of those who actually produce somehting in the world - besides the enslavement, and economic debauchery of individuals and nations.)

     That there is a cadre of liars, traitors, and thugs running the U.S. and the world  speaks not to the insights of politicos nor their ability to con the masses but to the laziness, ignorance, and indolence of the masses. Afterall, these assholes couldn't get away with what they do if not for the mindless acquiesence of the larger number of supposed adults who pander to and vote for their own (their children's) enslavement and abuse.

      I'd like to tell all of you that I know who you are. Do yourselves a favor and don't cross the street if you see me coming. Your fellow travellers and your children don't likely know what you've done - I, however, do. And, when you get to hell, be aware of me!