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Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul, Obama

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This video exposes Israel's increasing role in American politics, which has led to the Iraq war, September 11, 2001, and a great deal of other tragedies that have befallen the United States.

Israel's lobby in America, AIPAC, is the only foreign agent in America that does not have to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Almost every major American politician in the last decade has either met with AIPAC or flown to Israel to receive approval before running a campaign. Many of America's congressman have admitted that they constantly ask how Israel feels about a bill before voting on it.

And, on a side note, this video exposes how American zionists like Sheldon Adelson pay politicians such as Newt Gingrich to attack Ron Paul because he doesn't support Israel. Now we know why Gingrich called Paul's foreign policy "dangerous."

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Comment by Terri Scheinuck
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 I couldn't agree more with the above comment.

For Pete's sake, time to stand on your own already. 

We don't have anything left to give you folks, get it?  It's all gone!

Our soldiers are tired and in need of coming home already, OK with you?

Comment by Rob Crotchet
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Listen all you Jews, listen up for it is America First. Let us get strong again before you create another nail in our coffin, which politics, including you, and our own super villains have molested over the years. We the people are not going to help you at all if we fall. So stop being so damn selfish, for you may not get any help at all. Go away. Take care of yourselves for once.

God bless.