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New Weasel Word on Iran Nukes

• Robert Parry

What can one say when the Washington Post's neoconservative editorial writers more correctly describe the U.S. and Israeli assessments on Iran's nuclear program than does a news story in the New York Times? In a Wednesday morning surprise, a Washington Post editorial got the nuances, more or less, right in stating: "U.S. and Israeli officials share an assessment that, though Iran is building up nuclear capability, it has not taken decisive steps toward building a bomb."

You could still say the Post is hyping things a bit, skewing the wording in an anti-Iranian direction, but the sentence is essentially correct on where U.S. and Israeli intelligence judgments stand, that Iran has NOT made a decision to build a nuclear bomb.

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Comment by James17
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Even with all of the things we know are not true about Iran seeking to use their nuclear facility to build a nuclear weapon, the US is still surrounding that nation with at least 50 bases. For what reason? It is easy to guess. One thing you can count on, is that those 50 bases are not going to be closed because Iran says they are not attempting to build a bomb. Those 50 bases and the US military manning them are going to be used against Iran. Syria first and when they are out of the way, Iran. More then ever, we need a man like Ron Paul that will tell the truth and get the people of this nation to read their own Constitution and Bill of Rights before they are lost forever.

Comment by normnip
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Yeah. That's right. "Capability" is the new weasel word alright. Or should I say the weasels' new word. See, I can be oh-so-clever too.