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Foster Gamble on 'Thrive' the Movie, Its Critics and What Can Be Done to Stop the Conspiracy

•, Foster Gamble
 Introduction: Foster Gamble is President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media; Creator, Host, Co-Writer, and Director of Visual Design for THRIVE ... At age 14, Foster Gamble had a vision where he glimpsed what he perceived to be the Universe’s fundamental energy pattern. He spent the next 35 years trying to figure out the details and implications of what he had seen. That quest took two paths: a scientific journey and an exploration of the human potential to navigate successfully through the challenges threatening our survival. THRIVE represents the convergence of these two paths. Furthering his exploration of what was keeping humanity from thriving, Foster spent nearly a decade “following the money” in every sector of human endeavor.
(Watch the Entire Movie Free at the above link)

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Comment by PureTrust
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At this point, I have watched the trailer, not the movie. Two points:

1. It will only work if all the technology and information is open source, expounded upon and explained in ways that many people can understand;

2. If it does not include the God of the Universe - the God of the Bible - it will wind up becoming something worse than the Babylon of power and control that exists now.