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Canon seeks full automation in camera production

• AP
Canon Inc. is moving toward fully automating digital camera production in an effort to cut costs — a key change being played out across Japan, a world leader in robotics.

If successful, counting on machines can help preserve this nation's technological power — not the stereotype of machines snatching assembly line jobs from workers, Jun Misumi — company spokesman, said Monday.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Remember, it's the companies that get into automation and job elimination first that will benefit. Why? Because there are still enough people around who are earning money working at other companies, who will be able to purchase products from the automated companies.

It's when all the companies lay all the people off - replaced by automation - that there won't be anyone left to buy any of the products of any of the companies.

Of course, that might be ideal. Build non-AI robots to manufacture and repair everything, even themselves. Nobody has to work, because the robots manufacture and supply everything for free. Not needing jobs, people can travel, and live a life of ease, doing anything that they want, and loving it. I can't wait. True cradle to grave wealth for all, supplied free by the non-AI robots.