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Lawsuit filed in Federal Court to unbind all delegates

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Its to late to turn back now.

I know you’re hurt, weary and confused.  What did  Rand do?  Where is Ron? By some counts we have 700 delegates.  Califonia has it’s convention  still with 192 delegate to be had, New Mexico is this weekend.

There is a Lawsuit filed in Federal Court to unbind all delegates
It’s not over till it’s over.  Please read this statement from Richard Gilbert the Lawyer who filed the lawsuit in Federal Court Monday free of charge. 

"I, for one, will not stand by while Doug Wead and Jesse Benton  negotiate the terms of surrender in exchange for a plank. Dr Paul will not be permitted to speak or be nominated at the convention. Rand Paul mocks our ability to secure delegates to win. The campaign has surrendered.

They say no Court will touch our case. From this day forward we must announce the volunteers are taking over the campaign. This is a righteous Mutiny. "In it to win it" is not just a slogan. We must find a way to win our Case.  WHEN we win the day, I expect new Candidates to try to seek the fruits of our victory. Sarah Palin, Newt G and Santorum will activate & re-activate their campaigns.
If we win the day, Dr Paul must be ready to take Command.
We must immediately communicate to our delegates Not to vote to make a Romney Nomination unanimous. Obviously, this is what the campaign will do.There will be No Party Unity and No support for Romney. Who will join me?

Today we are taking over the Campaign."

Richard Gilbert ~ Lawyers for Ron Paul 

Listen to Carol Paul talk about Rand’s Endorsement
“He’s just Ron Paul”  Carol Paul

Read the Lawsuit to unbind the delegates

We’ve come to far to turn back now. 

The National freedom loving delegates need our support! 

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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QUESTION: in Exhibit A page 34, Associate Counsel for the RNC Jennifer Sheehan states "The Republican nominee for President must receive at least 1191 from the national convention delegation in order to receive the official nomination."

I thought the 'magic number' was 1141?  Anyone know why the different number?