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What is HTML?

•, Ryan Goodrich
  It defines where elements on a Web page should display, how text should be formatted, and even what color the page background is.

HTML elements

The term “hyper” in HyperText simply means that navigation is not linear; rather, you can go anywhere on the Internet by clicking on a link. By clicking on hyperlinks, the browser will navigate you to a new Web page.

HTML uses “tags” enclosed within angle brackets to "mark up" the text on a Web page. Hundreds of tags have been created to format information. In most cases, tags come in pairs, one acting as a starting point and the other as an ending point, for example:


, and . Between these tags, you can add text, images and other content.
For example, if you viewed text on a Web page with the following coding, Hello!, you would see the word bolded, like this: Hello! Similarly, this coding, Hello! results in an italicized word: Hello!