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Arizona Election Fraud: Pima County Issues Memo with Numerous Factual Errors

• The Intercept
Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry's primary PR activity occurs through the construction of memo's addressed to various department heads within his own purview. These memos, of course, wind up in the hands of specific local press outlets. Local outlets provide nice fluff pieces favoring Pima County in exchange for continued access and future reservations at Pima's own PR staff's trough after ad sales for these less than substantive reports hit the dumpster. In his latest offering, Huckelberry seems to have outdone himself with the number of distortions, omissions, and factual errors. This latest memo is part of an exchange with the public as it learns about Pima County's efforts to circumvent its own Election Integrity Commission to obtain a waiver from sorting early ballots by precinct. The following is retired NSA analyst Mickey Duniho's correction of factual errors in Huckelberry's memo: