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President-elect Donald Trump's transition team hasn't held back its sentiments about the ongoing push for vote recounts initiated by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Stein has filed for a recount in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, raising more

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"The Conservative Tribune reports, Amid all of the late-night excitement and surprise of Election Day, there were reports that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called President-elect Donald Trump to concede the race shortly before his

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College voters to switch to Clinton. (NaturalNews) It sickens me to know that far too many of my fellow Americans actually believe the hoax mainstream media's claims that supporters of President-elect Donald J. Trump are ill-behaved, racist, bigoted

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Between the so-called 'Hursti Hack', questions over Soros-linked voting machines, some peculiarities in Texas, and the media furore over Trump's democracy-threatening questioning of the election outcome; it is perhaps ironic that, after being soundly

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Would Look Like Without It. As you know, liberals are still screaming bloody murder at the fact that Hillary didn't win, and they just keep crying over and over that Hillary got the popular vote, so she should win, and the electoral college should

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