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Will Robots Eventually Steal All Of Our Jobs?


In some ways, this has been a great blessing for humanity. For example, I am absolutely blown away by all of the things that my little iPod can do.

But on the other hand, all of this technology is eliminating millions upon millions of high paying jobs. In the past, I have written extensively about how millions of American jobs have been sent to the other side of the world, but now we may be moving into a time when workers all over the planet will be steadily losing jobs to super-efficient robots. For employers, robots provide a lot of advantages to human workers. Robots never complain, they never get tired, they never need vacation, they never show up late, they never waste time of Facebook, they don’t need any health benefits and there are a whole lot of rules, regulations and taxes that you must deal with when you hire a human worker.

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Robots can pay the taxes. We will go on welfare, collecting 10 times as much, and living well on the things that the robots make for us.