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Going Galt: Individuals Seceding

• by Wendy McElroy (Daily Anarchist)

Everyone who produces and pays taxes is living for others to some degree. Their time, which is their life, supports the salaries of government workers and the entitlements of tax consumers.

In Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged, a group of producers withdraw their talents from a parasitic society so as to speed along its collapse in order to rebuild on the ruins. But Going Galt doesn’t need to be a strategy for social change. It can be an individual choice and a strategy that increases the Galter’s freedom, quality of life, and self-respect....

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Comment by PureTrust
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The income tax is an excise tax, a business tax. It is not a tax on wages or income. It only uses wages and income to determine the amount of the tax.

The income tax is only present when people use a Social Security Number with money transactions. In the areas where Government goes after people who have transacted WITHOUT using a SSN, the idea is that the SSN was "understood" to have been included in the transaction.

Bitcoin is throwing a wrench into the Government's income tax operation. Up until now, it was only a handful of wealthy who set up special kinds of trusts that made their operations and business non-taxable, who were able to get out of the income tax. Now with Bitcoin, lots of folks are getting out.

Declare that the SSN is not your number. Declare that you are not the holder of the SS account. Stop using the SSN, period, cold-turkey. Use mistake of fact and mistake of law when questioned about prior use of the SSN. If you use a SSN on a document (such as a driver's license), use the date of the application for the SSN. Stop accepting the SSN for any of your children born in a hospital until at least a day later than the day of birth. And make sure that it says so on the documents.