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Ron Paul: My muzzle has been removed

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You may not know this . . .

But for the past year, I was censored.

Believe it or not, federal rules governing former members of Congress for their first year after retirement limited my ability to mobilize Americans to advance liberty.

Every communication had to be carefully crafted, and often even double-checked by C4L’s lawyers, to make sure I didn't violate federal law.

But as of January 4th, the muzzle has been removed!

I'm now free to speak my mind.

And I've got BOLD plans for 2014 - starting with sending a loud-and-clear message to Congress.

I want to kick off 2014 by letting Congress know you and I are going to ramp up our efforts.

This is especially important to me as I watch pro-liberty members of Congress, such as my friends, Representatives Justin Amash and Thomas Massie, and my son, Senator Rand Paul, work to Audit the Fed, end NSA snooping and TSA groping, repeal ObamaCare, and cut government spending in all areas.

Just as I did when fighting these battles in Congress, Rand, Thomas, Justin, and their allies face tremendous opposition from statists in both parties.

And, just as it happened when I was in Congress, I know pressure from pro-liberty Americans can overcome the bipartisan, pro-Big Government D.C. establishment.

That's why Campaign for Liberty is launching a "Freedom Bomb" from January 13 to January 23 to celebrate the restrictions being lifted.

Our goal is to flood Congress with 200,000 "Defend Liberty Directives" letting EVERY legislator know the R3VOLUTION is alive and well.

As you'll see, whether it’s supporting Audit the Fed, repealing ObamaCare's Individual Mandate, defeating the Internet Tax Mandate, or stopping the statists' National ID scheme, your Directive demands your elected officials stand up and fight for our God-given liberties.

I'll give you the link to sign your Directive in just a moment, but first let me tell you why our "Freedom Bomb" is so important.

You see, when I retired from Congress, the statists cheered in relief.

They thought the largest "thorn in their side" was now gone.

Well, P., they figured wrong.

I’m determined to fight harder for liberty than ever before.

I want to let Congress know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, far from backing off, you and I are going to turn up the pressure in the fight for individual liberty.

But I'm counting on your help to make that happen.


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