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A new commercial manufacturing process for carbon nanotubes (CNTs) produces tubes in the range of 1–10 mm in length (5–12-nm dia.), two orders of magnitude longer than currently available CNTs, which typically have lengths from 5–20µm.

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The strongest superconducting user magnet in the world currently has a field strength of 23.5 tesla. When this ambitious project is completed in 2017, the strongest superconducting magnet on the planet will be housed at the MagLab.

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In recent weeks the world has learned the news media creates fake news and/or completely shuns significant news stories to match its own politically correct agendas. So an unequivocal cure for a major brain disease goes unreported. Shame on CNN, CB

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Spiders may be scary for some people, but the silk that they produce to weave their webs is very appealing to many scientists. Amazingly tough, yet lightweight, spider silk has been used in everything from biodegradable sutures to violin strings, and

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