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Cold Weather Survival

•, by S.F.
Winters are comparable to those in Norway, yet we get more snow, on average. They get about 31 inches of snow in Oslo; we get 124 inches. I call that a difference. Just check Wikipedia to see if I'm right. Then, let's take into account our summers. Taking the humidy index into account, our record high temperature is 120 degrees, while in Oslo's high is 95 degrees. I'm not saying it's always so, but we never see a summer without at least a week or two of temperatures over 107.
So, the subject of this article must seem obvious to you by now. I've read so much about your polar vortex that I almost broke a rib laughing at my cousin's rant about Alabama's schools being closed because of two inches of snow. Now, now, I know that snow is rather unusual down there, but let me explain.
All of you, fellow preppers, need to adapt your prepping to the extreme cold weather. It might sound rather weird to tell a Texan he needs to buy a snowsuit, and actually that isn't the point of the article. You are the very best person to judge what you need or don't need to do in order to adapt to extreme weather.