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it's going to drop coverage to save itself from bankruptcy. (NaturalNews) Americans who are suffering rate increases and higher out-of-pocket expenses thanks to the healthcare "reforms" of the "Affordable" Care Act, are about to get hit with even hig

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Gem, a provider of enterprise blockchain solutions, launched Gem Health, a network for developing applications and shared infrastructure for healthcare powered by the Ethereum blockchain, and announced that Philips Blockchain Lab, a research and deve

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without the negative side effects. (NaturalNews) Doctors are starting to find out that homeopathy can improve patient outcomes. Dr. Helen Beaumont, from the Faculty of Homeopathy, points out that homeopathy provides more affordable treatments tailo

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surgeons make thousands of mistakes (with zero accountability)...(NaturalNews) Great Britain's socialized health care system has been responsible for more than 1,100 serious medical mistakes in the past four years, according to a recent article publi

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