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Senator Miller on Guns: Go F%₡# Yourself

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Dan BiDondi, a reporter attending a hearing at the Rhode Island State house on new anti-gun legislation, asked State Senator, Joshua Miller about the legislation before the hearings. Millers response, what you are about to hear, may shock you. If you are sensitive to profanity or have children in the room you may want to remove them. In a statement to us BiDondi said, "I was there to report on the people who are attacking the second amendment. I was shocked and appalled that I was spoken to by a legislator on such a topic who has sworn an oath to support our constitution not destroy it." After the story broke Miller attempted to justify his profanity by stating to the associated press that "He was intimidating religious leaders and elderly veterans", a statement that Bidondi refuted and wasn't seen in BiDondi's recording of the incident.

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Reach out and touched someone indeed.  You spoiled his parade.

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