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Fly a Drone Over A Gated Police Parking Area: Is That Trespassing?

• PC Mag
members of the Los Angeles Police Department are talking to the city attorney's office to figure out if they're allowed to take legal action against those who fly over restricted areas of their police stations with drone aircraft. In case you're wondering where this all came from, someone did just that this past week: Daniel Saulmon, 42, launched a drone over the gated, police-parking area of LAPD's Hollywood station, filming the generally mundane activities of officers going to their cars, driving in and out of the station, et cetera. As you might expect, said drone got the attention of said officers

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What about flying a drone over your neighbor's house? Is that trespassing?

Cops, in the name of law and order, are some of the biggest trespassers of all time!