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GoFlow: a DIY tDCS brain-boosting kit

It sounds crazy, but it has now been proven by multiple studies that transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS) can significantly speed up your brain. In one case, the US Air Force used tDCS on trainee drone pilots to halve their learning time; likewise, DARPA has used tDCS to speed up the training of snipers. In another study, carried out by the University of New Mexico, test subjects learned how to play a video game twice as quickly while under tDCS, and played the game with heightened performance. Furthermore, tDCS has been shown to have therapeutic effects on people with neurological issues, such as Parkinson's disease or post-stroke motor dysfunction. And best of all, it's safe! Or at least, tDCS has no short-term side effects. It is unlikely due to the tiny current involved (9 volts at 2 milliamps), but there could be long-term effects ? so we must suggest that you do not try tDCS at home.

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