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Arizona's Top News
Edited by Powell Gammill

Pages and Listings are in reverse chronological order:
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Letters to the Editor
Open letter to the Arizona Republic Editor to help fight Prosecutor corruption
Written by: Mike Brosnahan
   Dear Editor, Thank you for exposing the corruption in Arizona, you and your reporters are to be commended for helping the public understand just how deeply rooted this corruption is statewide. Regarding what seem to be two “unrelated” stories c

Man with ‘assault rifle’ brings pistol-packing 12-year-old son to Phoenix airport
11-05-2013  •  Rawstory 
The Phoenix Police Dept confirmed that the man and his son were at the airport waiting for a passenger on one of the flights. The man reportedly told police that he brought the weapons because he feared for his family’s safety while at the airport. 
Powell Gammill
Arizona prosecutors: Smoking weed weeks earlier enough for DUI charge
11-07-2013  •  Rawstory 
Prosecutors in one Arizona county argued that people who smoked marijuana days or even weeks earlier could be charged with driving under the influence of drugs. Maricopa County Attorney Susan Luder argued before the Arizona Supreme Court 
Powell Gammill
Letters to the Editor
Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery Defends His Prosecutors' Misconduct
Written by: Mike Brosnahan
   Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery put a negative and completely false spin on Michael Kiefer's 4 part series on bad prosecutors; and coincidentally Craig Harris did an article on the poor quality of health care in Arizona’s prisons.

Letters to the Editor
The Latest AZ Government Lie “Violent Crime Rises in Arizona”
Written by: Mike Brosnahan
   The Latest AZ Government Lie “Violent Crime Rises in Arizona” Do you remember the “Twilight Zone” episode called “How to Serve Man?”  If not, you should take 30 minutes and watch it.  In summary, ‘Earthlings’ thought ‘Martians’ came

AZ: No Shooting Unless Zoned for it? Rancher Prevails Against Zoning Department
12-17-2013  •, Dean Weingarten 
Shooting in the Arizona Desert has a long history. 
Robert Lee
Update from Matt Papke (Free Tempe), Candidate for City Council Tempe, AZ
12-17-2013  •  Free Tempe 
For those of you not there or watching at home, Tempe's City Council passed the 2040 General Plan as amended at last night's meeting and not without some controversy. 
Donna Hancock
Arizona police agencies use controversial tracking tool to locate cellphones
12-18-2013  •, By Jim Walsh and JJ Hensley 
Phoenix police have had technology that allows officers to identify and locate cellphones since 2001, and while every investigative bureau has access to the systems, they are primarily used by the drug-enforcement bureau, said Sgt. Trent Crump, a dep 
Robert Lee
Chrisman case: Ex-police officer sentenced to 7 years in prison
12-20-2013  •  FOX News 
Sentencing for a former Phoenix cop who plead guilty to manslaughter charges after shooting and killing an unarmed man....Chrisman asked the judge for leniency and that's what he got -- the minimum sentence of 7 years in prison for shooting 
Powell Gammill
Crazy Joe Arpaio’s Antics Cost Maricopa $3.75 Million
12-23-2013  •  Simple Justice 
And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was nearly daily fodder around here for a while, as he was a never-ending source of abuse, irrationality and unconstitutional conduct. 
Powell Gammill
Arizona Introduces SB1096: Gold and Silver as Legal Tender
01-21-2014  • 
Arizona may become the second state, after Utah, to recognize gold and silver as legal tender authorized for payments of debts and taxes.  
Powell Gammill
AZ Sheriff Arpaio punishes ‘unpatriotic’ inmates after ethnic targeting costs county millions
01-24-2014  •  Rawstory 
Last week, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s use of racial and ethnic profiling cost Maricopa County at least $22 million to monitor and re-train those in the county’s employ. This week, Sheriff Arpaio announced that he is punishing 38 unpatriotic inma 
Powell Gammill
Arizona first US state to attempt legal resistance to NSA surveillance
02-05-2014  •  RT.Com 
Arizona’s state senate panel approved a bill withdrawing state support for intelligence agencies’ collection of metadata and banning the use of warrantless data in courts. The panel becomes the first legislative body in US to try and thwart NSA spyin 
Donna Hancock
Cop Fired But Secures Medical Retirement For Injuries While Competing in Triathlons
02-05-2014  •  Jonathan Turley 
It found that she was entirely unable to fulfill the basic functions of a police officer while Glemba was competing with elite athletes. She was also featured on a radio program for ripping out a kitchen and putting in a new one only months after 
Powell Gammill
Know Your Farmer / Volunteers Needed / Veggie List 2/7/14
02-07-2014  •  Tonopah Rob 
I’m not sure why but I’m guessing more people are becoming food educated. Words like Monsanto, organic, chemicals and pesticides are more commonly spoken now than ever before. It is very rare I meet a person who does not know about Monsanto.  
Donna Hancock
Don’t Taunt Me, Bro
02-13-2014  •  Simple Justice 
Seriously? It should be specifically made a crime to “taunt” police officers in ways that causes them (and would cause a reasonable person) to be seriously annoyed? And bicyclists and skateboarders, too? 
Powell Gammill
Arizona getting anal about Gays
02-26-2014  •  Next News Network 
Arizona lawmakers are feeling increasing pressure from the gay community to reject a bill they believe discriminates against them. The statehouse in the Grand Canyon State recently passed a bill allowing businesses to not serve homosexuals. This caus 
Uncle Freedom
Arizona governor vetoes controversial anti-gay, ‘religious freedom’ bill
02-26-2014  •  Yahoo! News blog 
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced that she has vetoed a bill that would have allowed state businesses to discriminate against gay and lesbian customers. 
Powell Gammill
Arizona governor's veto aimed at own party's right
02-27-2014  •, By BOB CHRISTIE  
Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer slapped down the right wing of her own party, vetoing a bill pushed by social conservatives that would have allowed people with sincerely held religious beliefs to refuse to serve gays. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Massaging horses? You're going to need a license for that. Video, 2min.
03-06-2014  •, by Allegory 
The Ariz. State Veterinary Medical Examining Board wants to throw entrepreneurs who massage animals without a veterinary license into jail and fine them $3,500 per violation. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
FBI had urged arrest of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but quashed
03-08-2014  • 
The records indicate that FBI agents found probable cause to recommend felony counts of obstructing criminal investigations of prosecutions, theft by threats, tampering with witnesses, perjury and theft by extortion. 
Powell Gammill
The Whitewash
03-19-2014  •  Xander 
Family and friends gathered around for the unveiling. At last, we were finally going to get some answers from Arizona Public Service (APS) about why they had installed a surveillance camera in our suburban, Phoenix neighborhood. Jill Monier, from Fox 
Xander Holman
Judge in racial profiling case scolds sheriff aide
03-25-2014  •  AP 
A federal judge presiding over a racial profiling case against an Arizona sheriff's office chided the sheriff and his top aide on Monday for mischaracterizing his findings, telling them he's unimpressed by what he called their apparent "double dealin 
Powell Gammill
Planning for Tempe's Sustainable Future - City of Tempe's General Plan 2040
03-27-2014  •  Tempe.Gov 
THE PLAN: One generation plants trees, the next enjoys the shade. As with the Chinese proverb, through the General Plan process, the City of Tempe thinks to the next generations to ensure the city's sustainable growth, economic prosperity and continu 
Donna Hancock
Tucson cop who randomly slammed woman to the ground not so tough after receiving threats
04-06-2014  •  The Daily Caller 
The Tucson police officer who was caught on video brutally pummeling a female student as she walked innocuously near the campus of the University of Arizona has been identified as Joel Mann, 
Powell Gammill
Arizona DPS on the lookout for distracted drivers
04-07-2014  •  AZFamily.Com 
"It’s not just cellphone use," Baum said. "You could be eating a hamburger, putting on makeup, just talking to the people that are in the car, and not paying attention to the roadway." 
Donna Hancock
Feature Article
Chief Tranter Endorses Matt Papke for Tempe City Council
Donna Hancock
   "Matt Papke understands the need for a local focus on combating criminal activity. Matt's dad spent thirty years with me as a Tempe Police Officer and I endorse Matt fully in his pursuit of a Tempe City Council seat.
Sheriff Mack Responds Federal Terrorism at Bundy Ranch
04-11-2014  •, visible51 
About time we hear a real sheriff call for the BLM to stand down. 
Robert Lee
Arizona veterans claim victory for marijuana research funding effort
04-16-2014  • 
Marc Victor, chairman of the Arizona Veterans Assistance Committee, which was leading a recall of state Sen. Kimberly Yee, says he is filing papers with the secretary of state to terminate the recall after negotiating a compromise with Yee. 
Tyger Gilbert
Pascua Yaqui Tribe set to prosecute first non-Indian under VAWA
04-19-2014  • 
This time, the Yaqui police were armed with a new law that allows Indian tribes, which have their own justice system, to prosecute non-Indians. Instead of driving Lopez to the Circle K and telling him to leave the reservation, they arrested him. 
Powell Gammill
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