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Arizona's Top News 

Edited by Powell Gammill
Pages and Listings are in reverse chronological order:
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Feature Article
Marc J Victor and Dr. Peter N. Steinmetz on Radio Caswell's show Fri Nov 21st, 4-5 p.m. MST
Donna Hancock
   Attorney Marc Victor and Dr. Peter N. Steinmetz will be on Radio Caswell's talk show this coming Friday November 21st, 2014 from 4-5 PM MST - They will be discussing Dr. Steinmetz's open-carry protest on July 25th as well as
Lawsuit filed over Mesa neighborhood flooding
11-20-2014  •  AZCentral.Com 
Mesa residents affected by the Sept. 8 floods are asking for the court's help in preventing their properties from being swamped again. 
Donna Hancock
Charges dropped against Phoenix doctor who carried assault rifle into airport, no crime occurred
11-05-2014  • 
Peter Steinmetz, a director at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, had been facing two counts of disorderly conduct. After signing a "pre-indictment resolution offer" on Tuesday, Steinmetz told 12 News that the deal was a victory for gun-ri 
Chip Saunders
Sensitivity Training For Crazy Joe Arpaio
11-02-2014  •  Simple Justice 
A U.S. federal judge on Tuesday ordered a controversial Arizona sheriff to undergo the same training as his deputies to prevent racial profiling and unlawful detention in the wake of the lawman's recent comments. 
Powell Gammill
GOP Candidate for Arizona Governor has Family Ties to Organized Crime
10-29-2014  • 
Doug Ducey, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona in November's election, hails from a family that for two generations was involved in organized crime in Toledo, Ohio, according to a report by The Center for Investigative Reporting and P 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Sedona Resident Discusses Smart Meter Radiation with Acting Surgeon General
10-28-2014  • 
Sedona Resident Discusses Smart Meter Radiation with Acting Surgeon General. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
In Arizona, a Navajo high school emerges as a defender of the Washington Redskins
10-27-2014  • 
RED MESA, Ariz. — The fans poured into the bleachers on a Friday night, erupting in "Let's go, Redskins!" chants that echoed across a new field of artificial turf, glowing green against a vast dun-colored landscape. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Latinos say cash goes missing in Arizona arrests
10-27-2014  •  Associated Press 
Armando Gutierrez was headed to Las Vegas with cash from his 2011 tax refund when he and his friends were pulled over by a sheriff's deputy. Deputy Charley Armendariz found the driver and passenger had a small amount of pot 
Powell Gammill
Arizona Primary Ballot Box Stuffing Caught On Tape
10-19-2014  •  email from A. J. LaFaro 
"...dropped a large box of hundred of early ballots on the table and started stuffing the ballot box as I watched in amazement." 
Ed Vallejo
Arizona Liberty Update from Matt Papke
10-17-2014  •  Matt Papke 
write you today to plead for your liberty. As you have read in the news there are major shifts occurring in our national government and beyond. The ability for non-US interests to influence elections and therefore our elected officials is greater tha 
Donna Hancock
Circuit court rules illegal immigrants have a right to bail
10-16-2014  •  Washington Times 
Illegal immigrants have the same constitutional right to bail that US citizens do, a federal appeals court ruled striking down an Arizona statute designed to make sure criminals without any community ties didn't flee in the face of a looming trial. 
Powell Gammill
Concerns raised over traffic stop video with Buckeye officer
10-13-2014  •  FOX News 
Cop threatens to kill driver during traffic stop. I mean threatens to kill driver during traffic stop! 
Powell Gammill
Arizona teacher fired after 25 years over defending student from racist bullying
10-02-2014  •  Rawstory 
A longtime elementary school teacher in Fountain Hills, Arizona was fired on Monday despite reportedly defending a Black student from racially-charged bullying, KNXV-TV reported. Officials with the Fountain Hills Unified School District voted to t 
Powell Gammill
It is time for the Arizona Libertarian Party to get out of the election business Opinion
Fascist Nation
It is time for the Arizona Libertarian Party to get out of the election business
Powell Gammill
   With regard to elections long ago the national Libertarian Party gave up its legitimate function of using the tools of the state against the state instead in the pursuit of gathering warm bodies, their money and their votes.
Navajo Nation To Sign $554 Million Settlement From U.S. Government!- YA!...
09-29-2014  • 
Navajo Nation To Sign $554 Million Settlement From U.S. Government!- YA! Justice! (Kinda). 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Phoenix Pounded By Intense Storms
09-27-2014  •  Weather Channel 
PUBLISHER'S NOTE - Phoenix was hit heavy with storms that knocked out power and causes server damage - with the H2OPE System, a back up generator, and a plan, we are still here!  
Donna Hancock
Write-in candidate looks to shake up AZ governor's race
09-26-2014  •  CBS5AZ 
CASA GRANDE, AZ (CBS5) - He's the 'regular guy' who wants to be the next governor of Arizona. J. Johnson, 48, wants to shake-up this year's election so he's decided to take on frontrunners Fred DuVall, D, and Doug Ducey, R, in the race for gover 
Jim Johnson
Arizona's "Revenge Porn" Law Challenged
09-24-2014  •  Simple Justice 
Not that any pass constitutional muster, but of the knee-jerk laws passed to criminalize revenge porn, Arizona's was among the worst. On behalf of bookstores, libraries, newspapers and other lawful and First Amendment protected people 
Powell Gammill
Attorney Marc J. Victor on Jodi Arias Video Ruling
09-24-2014  •  Marc J Victor 
Attorney Marc J. Victor on Channel 12 News talks about the judges ruling in the Jodi Arias Sentencing Trial to not allow video cameras in the court room during the sentencing. 
Donna Hancock
Ducey, DuVal, Hess Talk Gov Race Issues at Southern AZ Debate
09-20-2014  •  ArizonaPublicMedia 
TV Debates between Libertarian Barry Hess & Democrat Fred Duval & Republican Doug Ducey 
Ernest Hancock
County attorney's training on Muslim 'threat' protested
09-19-2014  •  the arizona republic 
John Guandolo, a disgraced former FBI agent monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is scheduled to give a training session on Muslim terrorism sponsored by County Attorney Bill Montgomery. 
Powell Gammill
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio forced to return military-grade weapons, vehicles
09-18-2014  •  Rawstory 
His department was terminated from the program after reportedly losing 9 weapons. Arpaio said between 20 and 22 firearms had vanished from his department, with several of them being taken home by officers after they retired. 
Powell Gammill
Sierra Vista, Arizona To Vote On Banning Traffic Cameras
08-22-2014  •  The Newspaper 
Robert Montgomery spent 3 months collecting the signatures needed to force the council, which is in full support of automated ticketing machines, to let voters decide whether the machines ought to be kept.  
Powell Gammill
Radio/TV Show  •  Arizona's Top News
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
08-13-14 -- Today's show is a re-run - Nick Lambert (MaidSafe.Net) - Donna Hancock (MP3/VIDEO up)
Program Date:  2014-08-13
   Nick Lambert (Chief Operating Officer for MaidSafe.Net) comes on the show to provide an update on MaidSafe.Net and internet decentralization - Donna and Ernie discuss their 30 yr. anniversary and plans for the next 30.
Did Creator of Ebola Medicine Joke About Culling 25% Of The World's Population?
08-07-2014  • 
The only problem is this University of Arizona guy is kind of creepy. In fact, he was apparently caught in 2012 joking about culling 25% of the world's population to solve the challenging problem of feeding 8 billion people. 
Jack Gregson
Arizona woman accused of slapping patrol horse
08-06-2014  •  Associated Press 
A Scottsdale, Arizona, woman is being charged after police say she slapped one of their patrol horses. Scottsdale police charged 25-year-old Selma Gonzalez with intent to kill or harm a service animal, which qualifies as a felony.  
Powell Gammill
Mesa Cop Charged with Sex Crimes in the Line of Duty
08-05-2014  •  Phoenix New Times 
A Mesa police officer has been indicted on three felony sex-crime offenses, all of which allegedly occurred while he was on duty. Justin Cherry, 34, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual molestation of a child.  
Powell Gammill
Man: Bringing gun to airport a political statement
08-05-2014  •  Associated Press 
"I am a peaceful political activist and my purpose in walking around the airport with my AR-15 rifle was entirely political in nature," Steinmetz said at a news conference with his attorney. "I am also an educated and responsible gun owner. ... As I  
Powell Gammill
Revealed: Arizona injected death row inmate Joseph Wood 15 times in botched execution
08-03-2014  •  Reuters 
Officials in Arizona injected a death row inmate last month with doses 15 times higher than the amount of drugs called for in the state's protocol for executions by lethal injection, authorities said on Friday. 
Powell Gammill
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