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Show Me, Ferguson


They are showing plenty of force, but they are not showing the pieces of Michael Brown's killing to show they haven't brought this anger on themselves. 

They haven't "shown" the identity of the officer who killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. They haven't "shown" the autopsy report with the number of bullets pumped into his body by the unnamed officer. They haven't "shown" why they didn't bother to interview Dorian Johnson, the 22-year-old with Michael Brown who watched him gunned down in the street. They haven't "shown" any recognition of what they've done here. Or why people just won't behave the way they want them to.

There is a brief window of opportunity for the government of Ferguson to seize the story, to show why one of theirs didn't murder some unarmed kid in cold blood.  They let that window slam shut, choosing to leave a void where they should have had a narrative.  This is a shocking failure, as it's not hard to come up with a story of minimal detail and marginal credibility to take control of the killing.

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