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Edited by Ernest Hancock

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Cut Your Year-Round Energy Usage With LED Lighting
07-23-2014    Market-ticker.org 
This is one "energy saving" move you can make right now. 
Jack Gregson
Sponge-like structure generates steam using lowest concentration of solar energy yet
07-22-2014    http://www.gizmag.com, Colin Jeffrey 
A composite of graphite flakes and carbon foam is claimed to convert 85 percent of solar energy into steam 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Why It Took So Long for the World's Fiercest Supercars to Go Hybrid
07-22-2014    http://www.wired.com, Alexander George 
Bugatti's next car will be a hybrid. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
What Is Fracking? This Simple Animation Is The Best Explanation We've Ever Seen
07-22-2014    Business Insider 
Fracking is used to extract oil and gas from shale reservoirs more than a mile below the surface. The first step involves drilling down into the hydrocarbon reservoir.  
Robert Lee
The US Now Has More Solar Workers Than Coal Miners
07-21-2014    Business Insider 
There are now more people working in the solar industry than there are coal miners, according to Politifact.  
Robert Lee
Model 3 to join Tesla's all-electric stable in 2017
07-18-2014    gizmag.com 
Details have emerged of a new baby all-electric that Tesla plans to add to its stable.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
New record brings superconductors closer to the mainstream
07-18-2014    gizmag.com 
Researchers at the University of Cambridge have created a new high-temperature superconductor capable of trapping a magnetic field of 17.6 Tesla, improving on a record set over a decade ago.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Chinese Businessman Builds Nation's First City-To-City Electric Car Charging Route
07-16-2014    http://www.popsci.com, Francie Diep 
Businessman Zong Yi bought a Tesla Model S. Then he bought 20 charging stations to help him get home from Beijing to Guangzhou. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Iran Offers Concessions on Nuclear Deal, Agrees to Limit Enrichment
07-16-2014    http://news.antiwar.com, Jason Ditz 
Would Freeze Enrichment at Current Levels for Many Years 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
IDF's Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis
07-16-2014    http://www.sott.net, Nafeez Ahmed 
Yesterday, Israeli defence minister and former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon announced that Operation Protective Edge marks the beginning of a protracted assault on Hamas. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Feature Article
Follow the Technology to the Next Oil Boom
James Stafford
   Much larger than Eagle Ford and once thought to have reached peak production, new technology has brought us full circle back to the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico, where the recent shift to horizontal well drilling has rendered this play the u
2014 European Solar Decathlon: The results are in
07-14-2014    http://www.gizmag.com, Adam Williams 
The results are finally in for this year's European Solar Decathlon competition. The Rhome for denCity project, by Italy's Team Rhome, has been declared the overall competition winner, while second and third.. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
What Is Power Consumption Telling Us About The US Economy?
07-14-2014    http://www.zerohedge.com, by Erico Tavares  
We track US power consumption on a weekly basis as reported by Barron's, as we believe this information provides insightful albeit sometimes "noisy" and seasonally unadjusted clues about the performance of the economy over time.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Beach Sand Used To Make A Battery That Lasts Three Times Longer
07-14-2014    http://www.popsci.com 
Charge your phone with that white stuff fom the beach  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
US Oil Production Surpasses Saudi Production.
07-11-2014    arclein 
Born in South Dakota, Fred was a young, 28-year-old geologist when he went to work for the Standard Oil Company of California. In 1930, the company sent him to the Persian Gulf, where he recommended they begin drilling a test well on Bahrain. Not on 
Robert Klein
Tres Amigas, LLC
07-11-2014    tresamigasllc.com 
Tres Amigas, LLC will unite the nation's electric grid. Utilizing the latest advances in power grid technology, Tres Amigas is focused on providing the first common interconnection of America's three power grids... 
Robert Lee
California Sets Terms of Massive Energy Storage Mandate
07-11-2014    greentechmedia.com 
How to mix and match utility, third-party ownership and operation of 1.3 gigawatts of energy storage 
Robert Lee
ARES (Advanced Rail Energy Storage)
07-10-2014    youtube 
A unique project at the Victory Springs Ranch in Tehachapi promises to help energy improve energy storage of the electrical grid. 
Robert Lee
ARES system to put energy storage on the right track
07-10-2014    youtube 
ARES' technology uses heavy rail cars that are pushed to the top of a grade using excess power from renewable energy plants or when electricity demand is low.  
Robert Lee
800 Degree Heat From Solar Mirrors Frying Birds Mid Air
07-10-2014    Oilprice.com 
There is growing evidence that birds flying in the vicinity of a solar thermal power project in California's Mojave Desert are being injured and even killed either by the solar heat that's focused with mirrors on its three energy-collecting towers, o 
James Stafford
Russian Physicists Launch Campaign To Rebuild Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower...
07-04-2014    themindunleashed.org 
Russian Physicists Launch Campaign To Rebuild Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower And Power The World 
Robert Lee
Libya declares oil crisis over
07-04-2014    aljazeera.com 
Deal reached with rebels to handover seized oil ports, ending year-long blockade that crippled country's petrol industry 
Robert Lee
Oil prices fall further as Libyan supplies to return
07-03-2014    france24.com 
Oil extended losses on Thursday on prospects that Libya will begin exporting more crude into a global market flush with supplies, while easing concerns about the Iraqi crisis also weighed. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Man Faces Jail Time For Installing Wind Turbine on Own Property
07-03-2014    http://thefreethoughtproject.com. John Vibes 
A Minnesota man is risking jail time by refusing to remove a wind turbine from his property.  
Robert Lee
PowerCube pop-up solar generator provides relief to disaster-struck areas
07-03-2014    gizmag.com 
It was seven years ago that Ecosphere Technologies revealed its first iteration of a self-contained relief unit for disaster-struck areas. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Battery Storage: The New Energy Frontier
07-03-2014    fool.com 
When it comes to discussions regarding battery storage, it's likely that most people will make the connection to Tesla's Elon Musk and his attempt to develop the Gigafactory -- 
Robert Lee
Renewable Energy's About To Dominate Global Power Investments
07-02-2014    commondreams.org 
New report forecasts rise of solar and wind could lead to peak of carbon emissions 
Robert Lee
This Nuclear Power Plant Fits on a Semi and Can't Melt Down
07-01-2014    drivethedistrict.com 
This proposes an eco-forward solution until renewables take over. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
In Pennsylvania's fracking boom, new wells far more likely to leak than old, study finds
07-01-2014    usnews.com 
In Pennsylvania's gas drilling boom, newer and unconventional wells leak far more often than older and traditional ones, according to a study of state inspection reports for 41,000 wells. 
Robert Lee
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