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The World Comments On Ferguson


Indeed, this has been a theme at Liberty Blitzkrieg all year. I have repeatedly discussed the ridiculousness of our political leaders talking about absurd "humanitarian wars" (which coincidentally tend to aggregate in regions with gigantic oil reserves), while strongly supporting some of the most authoritarian and fascist regimes on earth such as Saudi Arabia.

Whether or not the U.S. ever deserved the moral high ground it possessed just after World War II, this position has been clearly lost in the eyes of the world, and increasingly domestically as well. Politicians can continue to repeat catch phrases from the 1950′s all they want. It's not going to make a shred of difference.

In case you have any doubt what a embarrassment of a Banana Republic the U.S. has become in the eyes of the world, check out these excerpts from BBC article:

Egypt's government has called on US authorities to show restraint against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

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