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Ferguson ? Missing the Point

•, by Martin Armstrong

It really is irrelevant. Aside from the fact there is the little Commandment that says thou shalt not kill with no exception if you have a badge, the only justifiable reason to kill someone is in self-defense. Ferguson is a flash-point. Justifying the shooting is irrelevant. This is no longer a race riot, it is being seen worldwide as war waged by military troops pretending to be police and this crosses the line for that same level of force will be used against white protesters when the economy turns down. The goal is to be so harsh and cruel, like in Donetsk, anyone who disagrees better not show their face.

Ferguson is a flash-point in the cycle of war. It is becoming the government against the people. Police have been mandated to militarize under 1033. We have the police forces going simply nuts. In Florida, police bought 8 Apache Attack Helicopters for Brevard County. When you have every person armed walking around town, shit happens.

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