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Drugs and Medications

Pages and Listings are in reverse chronological order:
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Rand Paul Proposes Measure To Shield State Medical Marijuana Laws From Feds
07-25-2014    http://www.dailypaul.com, Matt Ferner 
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Thursday filed an amendment in the Senate that would protect states that implement medical marijuana laws, as well as patients and physicians in those states, from federal prosecution. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Will Vermont Legalize Marijuana
07-18-2014    Next News Network 
Vermont could legalize marijuana in 2015, after Governor Shumlin launched a study group to look into the possibility. The Rand Corporation has been hired by the administration to examine how such a change could affect the state. The study will be 
Uncle Freedom
Could Medical Marijuana Improve the Health of the Nation? - Doc Rob Interview
07-17-2014    Next News Network 
As medical marijuana becomes more legal in more states, treatments created from cannabis are receiving increasing attention. Stories on social media present the substance as a cure for a wide variety of diseases and disorders, including cancer. Other 
Uncle Freedom
The Evolution of the Marijuana Marketplace
07-17-2014    http://www.thedailybell.com, Anthony Wile 
BusinessInsider tells us that "America's Drug Companies Are Bankrolling the Crusade Against Legal Weed." 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
The Crimes of Putting Toddlers and Infants on Psychotropics
07-16-2014    http://naturalsociety.com, Paul Fassa 
The epidemic of giving children toxic psychiatric pharmaceuticals has dipped even lower, as children under one year of age are now being prescribed these very questionable pharmaceuticals. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Speed Weed Flourishes in Southern California
07-16-2014    http://thelibertybeat.com, Julie Wilson  
Mobile marijuana businesses are flourishing across Southern California as more patients prefer that their pot be promptly delivered, rather than making a trip to their local dispensary.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Stevia Counters Addiction of Cigarettes and Alcohol
07-12-2014    arclein 
The latest clinic research conducted in the USA show that this herb gives excellent results if you want to reduce the need for both cigarettes and alcohol. Stevia is also known as a natural sweetener and an amazing substitute for sugar. So, with a si 
Robert Klein
Suffering in the Service of Official Lies: The Agony of Alexis Carey
07-11-2014    Lewrockwell.com 
Alexis Carey suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a form of epilepsy that has left the nine-year-old unable to speak or use the bathroom.  
Robert Lee
State's retail pot gets rolling Tuesday
07-07-2014    seattletimes.com 
What can you buy in legal pot stores? How much will it cost? Can you sample products? You have questions. We have answers 
Robert Lee
Magic Mushrooms Expand Your Mind And Amplify Your Brain's Dreaming Areas. Here's How
07-07-2014    popsci.com 
Far out, man 
Robert Lee
All the cool states are doing it: It's time for Alabama to experiment with marijuana
07-07-2014    al.com 
OK. I'll admit it. I've experimented with marijuana, and I did inhale. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Texas Rancher Finds $2M Worth of Weed on His Land, Does the Predictable Thing
07-04-2014    thewest.gawker.com 
A Texas cattle rancher this week stumbled upon nearly 5,500 marijuana plants with a street value of $2 million growing on land he had just leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Psychedelic mushrooms put your brain in a "waking dream," study finds
07-04-2014    Washington Post 
Psychedelic mushrooms can do more than make you see the world in kaleidoscope. 
Robert Lee
How Magic Mushrooms Really 'Expand the Mind'
07-04-2014    Live Science 
Your brain on psychedelic drugs looks similar to your brain when you're dreaming, suggests a new study that may also explain why people on psychedelics feel they are expanding their mind. 
Powell Gammill
California Cops Forcing the Homeless to Participate in Drug Training Exercises
07-03-2014    http://thefreethoughtproject.com, Cassandra Rules 
CA Cops to Homeless: Be our guinea pigs or be arrested  
Robert Lee
Berkeley Turns Medical Marijuana From a Treatment to an Obligation
07-03-2014    http://reason.com, Scott Shackford 
Dammit, Berkeley! America is getting more and more comfortable with legalizing marijuana, and then you had to turn around and Britta the whole thing! Via KCBS in San Francisco: 
Robert Lee
Marijuana Sector Positioned to Move Higher as FDA Reviews Drug's Status
07-01-2014    yahoo.com 
The Marijuana Index(TM) traded marginally lower last week after MedBox Inc. (OTC:MDBX) and CannaVEST Corp.'s (OTC:CANV) moves lower offset GW Pharmaceuticals plc's (NASDAQ:GWPH) modest gains. 
Robert Lee
Dentists Offer Free Wine to Take the Edge Off Visits
Care for a riesling with your root canal? Dentists across Manhattan have been serving up complimentary glasses of wine to patients to take the edge off dreaded dental work, 
Powell Gammill
Bumpy road ahead for legal pot in Washington
06-30-2014    Associated Press 
Pete O'Neil saw Washington's legalization of marijuana in 2012 as a path to retirement, or at least to his kids' college tuition. 
Robert Lee
America's Marijuana Revolution: Ganjapreneurs Hit the Jackpot
06-28-2014    spiegel.de 
There are many ways to get high: John and Jane knew that even before traveling to Denver, Colorado. Yet neither was prepared for the vast diversity of offerings they were confronted with when they arrived. 
Robert Lee
Scientific Truth About Psychodelics
06-28-2014    arclein 
One study concluded that controlled exposure to psilocybin could have long-lasting medical and spiritual benefits. In 2011, Johns Hopkins researchers found that by giving volunteer test subjects just the right dose (not enough to give them a terrifyi 
Robert Klein
It's Hard to Study Marijuana's Medical Benefits When It's Illegal
06-28-2014    thewire.com 
The problem with recent medicinal marijuana legislation is that it's not based on actual research.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Marijuana food truck set to roll into Washington state this weekend
06-28-2014    latimes.com 
Here's a new twist to the food truck fad: A converted school bus featuring marijuana-infused sandwiches and other treats is set to open for business in Washington state this weekend. . 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Medical Marijuana Farmers Market to Open in L.A.
06-27-2014    hollywoodreporter.com 
The world's first such opportunity for patients and growers to interact and build relationships will take place over Independence Day weekend. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Legal Pot in Colorado Is Booming, but Early Estimates of Tax Profits Were Way Off
06-27-2014    http://news.yahoo.com, By Solvej Schou  
The first half of this year has passed in, well, a haze of smoke for Colorado. 
Robert Lee
Keep those pot plants potted: No more ripping weed
06-26-2014    http://tbo.com 
Police in some medical marijuana states who once routinely seized illegal pot plants by ripping them out by their roots and stashing them away in musty evidence rooms to die are now thinking twice about the practice. 
Robert Lee
Study finds genetic links between schizophrenia and cannabis use
06-25-2014    http://www.reuters.com, By Kate Kelland 
Genes that increase the risk of a person developing schizophrenia may also increase the chance they will use cannabis, researchers said on Tuesday after studying more than 1,000 users of the drug. 
Robert Lee
Navigating the New Medical Marijuana Industry with Daniel Reid & Tammy Jacobi of Good Intentions
06-24-2014    Next News Network 
Good Intentions is a resource for those people who are new to the world of legal medical marijuana. The organization helps guide users through the paperwork and other procedures that may be needed to stay within the law. As more states end prohib 
Uncle Freedom
GOP pol pushes against D.C. pot law
06-25-2014    politico.com 
Congress is about to mess with D.C.'s new marijuana bill.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
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