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Dr. Vandana Shiva Speaks on Monsanto and the Biotech Takeover

•, by Christina Sarich

In a true democracy, that wouldn't be possible. If you make all the money from your 'product,' you also have to take responsibility for when your product causes death and destruction. Dr. Vandana Shiva has made this and other extremely salient points regarding the biotech way of business for years. She's been called an 'eco-goddess' and an anti-GMO celebrity.

You can bet the biotech companies try to vilify her. She is very outspoken on what they do for a living – namely patent seeds that require huge amounts of agrochemicals to be grown, bankrupt farmers, and as the republished  Seralini study clearly shows, causes cancerous tumors.

Shiva is an author, a speaker, a scientist, an environmental activist, and is tireless in her efforts to go against biotech. She also speaks out against geo-engineering, and leaves almost no big environmental issue untouched. She campaigns the world for heirloom seeds, organic farming, and local food systems instead of the chemical -and oil-intensive large scale industrial farms that destroy the environment and wreck local economies.

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